(Motorsport-Total.com) – The workload for a Formula 1 engineer is enormous. At Early to late at the race track. They ensure that the cars are ready for use. How an engineer's everyday life actually looks like has been recorded in a diary by Chris Wright.

Chris Wright


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The alarm clock on Friday of the Canada Weekend is already ringing at 5: (*************************************************************************. Three quarters of an hour later, the descent to the racetrack is planned, where his breakfast awaits him. But before he can enter the paddock, Wright must be careful not to violate the compulsory night's sleep.

“That's the time of the night when team members who normally work on the car do not the track is allowed, “he explains in the Honda diary . At 7 am this time limit has expired, which is why the team members are already waiting in line at the entrance to the paddock.

“A wise, older colleague once told me: 'First you make a lap and then you get breakfast!'” This is what the Honda engine engineer is still following.

After the pit crew completes the practice stops The Honda engine in the rear of the Toro Rosso comes to life for the first time. “You want to start the engine as early as possible, because only then you can find out real problems.”

If there are actually difficulties, then the Toro Rosso crew would have the engine before the first Expand training. However, it does not happen that Friday, which is why the first of many meetings at 9 o'clock discusses what is planned in the trainings.

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“Friday is like a test for us, so if we have something new to try, we'll test it.” As a Honda man, it's Wright's job to remind the team what the engine manufacturer expects from the training.

Finally, at This is the first check, whether the car after the assembly on Thursday has difficulties or not. Then the engine cover is removed to perform optical checks that are not possible based on the data in this form.

Wright sits at his computer during the sessions and is connected to the radio. “During the installation round you need to focus on all the systems, you have to make sure they all work well, you can not check that in the garage.”

Pause? “Not until the sessions are over” (**********************************************************************************************************************************************************) For example: “Until the driver does not go full throttle, you do not have enough load that nothing really goes wrong. ” For him as an engine engineer, that was the most restless phase of the day. Finally, if the pilot drives fast laps or longruns, he focuses on energy management and performance.

After training, as usual, a brief debriefing session will take place, where everyone will share their insights. “So if we've tested a few things on the engine, then I'll comment on how it went.” Then the data will be analyzed and worked out, which should be done in the afternoon.

To 14: 30 Clock But first lunch is planned. “At Honda they prepare Bento boxes that we can get in the fridge in the garage.” You could conveniently take them to work and listen to meetings or look at data during meals.



After every training on Friday there will be a debriefing Zoom (*************************************************************) Download

“You do not allow yourself a break until the sessions are over, as much time as possible is spent preparing between the first and second practice, so you do not take a break for lunch.”

The second free practice with start at little time for data analysis of the FT1 too. In the afternoon, the really important tests will be carried out. As Wright explains, the first training was rather for acclimatization, the representative times with sharp engine modes are driven only in the afternoon. Especially at the beginning of the session, laps with little fuel are rehearsed in the tank.

“They are there for the rider to prepare for qualifying, but at the end of the training pretty much all long runs go. In addition a lot of fuel is fueled and a racing simulation completed. ” The warm-up of the tires and training starts are also practiced.

From one meeting to the next …

“We have special starting modes, for example, so we have to make sure they work,” reveals the Brit. Even after the second training there will be a debriefing about the incidents.

According to Wright the meeting of the engineers around

is especially important. Clock. This is because the data from the long runs and qualifying rounds are analyzed. “We look at the strengths and weaknesses compared to our competitors.” In addition, a plan for the third practice session will be prepared on Saturday morning.

For the Honda crew, changing the engine on Friday evening is also very important. Since an old engine is used in the first practice sessions, the racing engine will come to the rear for Saturday. Only the ERS stays in the car.

After the change is from (**********************************************************) until Time for dinner, which is provided as a buffet in the Honda Motorhome. “Mostly there is Japanese food,” reveals Wright and adds: “It's really delicious!”


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But even after dinner is still working. Because the racing engine, which was installed, must also be started. “We always try to do it as early as possible, but for us that was it, but not for the team.”

The mechanics of Toro Rosso then have to finish assembling the car Set-up set and bring to the FIA ​​scale. There the technical acceptance takes place. Although the day's work is done for the Honda engineers, wait around another Honda meeting.

“The engineers of both teams come to Hospitality, where we discuss things that may have happened in one team and not in the other we have to pay attention. ” And after that there will be a meeting with the aerodynamicist of the team discussing the cooling.

At midnight at the latest, the engineers have to leave the circuit according to the regulations. “Most of the time we leave the track You get up at 6 o'clock and go to bed at midnight, so a long day. ” He has already set the alarm clock for Saturday morning …

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