(Motorsport-Total.com) – How important is the mental side in Formula 1? Charles Leclerc is an example of how mentally strong a young driver can already be, explains Formula 1 doctor Riccardo Ceccarelli in an exclusive interview with 'Motorsport-Total.com'. The Italian has been working with the Ferrari star for many years.

Charles Leclerc


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“We mainly work with you young drivers, Charles Leclerc grew up with us, as did Daniel Ricciardo and Robert Kubica, “says Ceccarelli in an interview. Already at the age of (**************************************************************************************) or (***********************************************************************************************) years ago, today's Formula 1 drivers have come to his forge.

With Ceccarelli has been Formula Medicine since (***************************************************************************) active in Formula 1. In Hungary he celebrated his 2007. Grand Prix. His team manages drivers both physically and mentally with personalized training plans. The company now has a database of more than 1. (**********************************************************************************************************) Drivers.

“We found out something,” he reveals. “In today's motorsport age, talent and speed are not enough, it's not enough anymore if you're very far from your head, hard work is also needed to explore the limits, you have to sacrifice.”

Above all, drivers have to learn the things that happen when the helmet is not on. “They play a much bigger role – physical training, mental training,” he says. Although some drivers have the necessary talent, the doctor explains, but they are too “lazy” to work on themselves.

“They think that's enough, but that's not enough today At the latest from Formula 3 or Formula 2, it is no longer enough if you do not really commit yourself to the cause and work hard “, he is convinced. In addition, there are drivers who bring less talent, but can compensate for this disadvantage by diligence.

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How much does this description apply to current World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton?

“I have never worked with him, so I can only judge that as an outsider, he is clearly a great talent.” Ceccarelli stuck. The five-time world champion has the necessary self-confidence, calm and able to cope with challenges. His brain works very economically.

“A bit like Schumacher”, the Italian remembers the record champion. The German, too, was able to grasp situations well and react to them correctly, even if he was at the limit, because he still had the capacity to analyze things in his thinking, said Ceccarelli.

Hamilton recalls Michael Schumacher In his first World Cup year Title, “which he almost had in his pocket”. Also, he only crowned himself champion in the last race.

“Young Hamilton was extremely fast but unable to handle these situations properly, and today he can – because he's (*************************************************************************************************). When you're young, the brain needs a lot more energy, and later you automatically learn how to optimize that energy, which is called maturity. “

For that reason be pilots at the age of (************************************************************************************) or 28 years) more mature and at the zenith of her work. But Ceccarelli already wants young beginners aged (****************************************************************************************************) or (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************. ***********************************************, (*****************************************************************************) or Are as far as Hamilton now. “

(**********************************************************) (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Setters of All Time (**************************************************************************************)

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That's exactly what Charles Leclerc did with his help, the expert believes. The Ferrari driver is in the head “five or six years older than his actual age,” he estimates. “In my opinion, he has a maturity that drivers usually do not reach until they (**************************************************************************************) or (*************************************************************************************) years ago. “

The Monegasque itself spoke already after the disappointment in Bahrain about his mental strength. That had been his biggest weakness at the beginning. “Today I feel that the (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) “

” I am glad that I have worked on it for so long. ” He explains: “My biggest work has been to keep it focused Wasting energy . ” Through training you can achieve this maturity already prematurely, believes the Formula 1 doctor.

Vettel under pressure too weak? “People are too critical” After three races he was able to solve his problems with the set-up. “He did not run over the car and was still fast, and he was under a lot of pressure because he knew he had the chance to win a Ferrari contract.”

– Year old left. He showed sixth place in Baku and knew already before Monza that he (**********************************************************************************) would probably sit in the red racer next to Sebastian Vettel. “So he needed the results, but he never stumbled, which is very important.”

Leclerc's German team-mate seems to allow himself a lot of mistakes in the current season under pressure. But Ceccarelli takes Vettel in protection: “We must not forget Sebastian Vettel that he has won four world titles He is a top driver, a fantastic driver People are too critical with him.”

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Nobody is perfect after all. “Can one say to a four-time world champion that he should seek a psychologist?” He wonders, saying, “He does not need a psychologist, but maybe – as with any human being – it is possible to work on optimizing his brain . “

Specifically, he means that he can act better mentally under stress and pressure. “But it's all about optimization.” Ceccarelli also warns against linking mental training with classical psychology. Psychologists would take care of people who are weak.

“Vettel is not weak, he is strong, you can imagine it like this: Vettel is on a Bolt to the finish and then you can do something to beat Usain Bolt, “he says. “We try to bring about an improvement in the brain to reach the last millimeter.”

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