(Motorsport-Total.com) – Max Verstappen gave Honda the first two Formula One wins since the season this year 2006. The Red Bull pilot triumphed 24 in Spielberg and Hockenheim , “He is very important to us,” reveals Honda's Formula 1 boss Masashi Yamamoto, referring to Verstappen's abilities on and off the track. “First of all, he is a very good driver,” says Yamamoto.

“He [außerdem] is very good at communicating with engineers,” he reveals, adding that data analysis is a staggering power. “He can provide accurate feedback in terms of chassis and engine,” he reveals. Therefore, the (*************************************************************************************************************************) At the same time, Yamamoto is pleased that Verstappen is 21 percent behind the Honda project.

“When Max It seemed like he was very impressed, “remembers Yamamoto on his first visit to Japan. was 21 Red Bull sister team Toro Rosso would supply engines. Since (*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) This is also reflected off the track. For while there were always trouble and taunts between Red Bull and ex-partner Renault, the bulls are currently losing no bad word about Honda. This also applies to Verstappen. “Maybe he believes he can do something with Honda,” said Yamamoto. This “positive feeling” is definitely beneficial.

As Verstappen the Red Bull driver squad “destroyed”

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In addition, he reports that Verstappen as a type of Fans and media in Japan arrive very well. That too is important for Honda after the McLaren partnership's PR debacle. “We have already prepared a Red Bull / Toro Rosso grandstand in Suzuka [für den Grand Prix im Oktober],” says Yamamoto. There are already around (******************************************************************.

For Honda it could

become the most successful home race since the Formula 1 return – thanks to Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

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