Formula One Formula One racer Ralf Schumacher is convinced that despite Max Verstappen's good form lately, the World Cup of 9 races before the end of the season has already been decided.

Lewis Hamilton, after being in excellent form at the start of this season, is about to take the lead in the World Cup. Despite the fact that Max Verstappen has come a bit closer to the British in the last period, Ralf Schumacher does not believe that anyone could jeopardize Hamilton's dominance.

“The World Cup is decided because Hamilton is too strong. At Red Bull they took a concrete step forward, but they simply lost too many points in the opening races to threaten Mercedes' dominance. Nevertheless, they will certainly be competitive as the season progresses, as well as Ferrari can win any race, while the others are far behind. There really needs to be something extraordinary about losing the title to Hamilton and Mercedes. “

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