EHSRC – Introducing the Rally Alpi Orientali Historic

The Rally Alpi Orientali Historic will be the host event for Round 7 of the 2019 FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship the first of two Italian rounds in the next four weeks.

The Rally Alpi Orientali takes place in north east Italy in and around Udine and features over 150km of special stages in breathtaking scenery close to the border with Slovenia.  

On Friday 30 August the competitors will tackle four special stages covering a total of 50 km.  The first stage is at Valle di Soffumbergo (10.89km) with the first car due at 11h36 and this is followed by Malghe de Porzus (14.32km) at 12h00 before regrouping.  The two stages are repeated at 13h07 and 13h31 respectively repeated to complete the first leg of the Rally Alpi Orientali Historic.

Day two on Saturday 31 August will feature six stages covering just over 100km.  SS7 is Trivio – San Leonardo (14.15km) starting at 08h38.  This is followed by SS8 at Drenchia (14.82km) and Mersino (21.72km).  After Service the three stages are repeated starting at 13h18, 13h49 and 14h41 respectively.

The ceremonial finish will take place in Piazza Duomo in Udine from 16h45.

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Facts and Figures

Number of special stages – 10

Number of legs – 2

Total distance of the course including the special stages – 403.09 km

Total distance of the special stages – 151.80 km

Friday 30 August – Distance of Special Stages – 50.42 km

Saturday 31 August – Distance of Special Stages – 101.38 km

Interval between cars – 1 minute

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Rally HQ / Press Room – Multiseum Convention Centre, Citta Fiera Shopping Mall, Via Antonio Bardelli, 4 – Martignacco

Finish Podium – Piazza Duomo, Udine

About Udine

Udine is a situated in north east Italy in the centre of the Fruli-Venezia Giulia region between the Adriatic Sea and the Italian Alps.  The population of Udine is approximately 178,000 people.

The centre of Udine is dominated by a castle, built by the Venetians from 1517 over a Lombard fortification ruined by an earthquake in 1511. The current Renaissance appearance dates from the intervention of Giovanni da Udine, who finished the works starting from 1547. The castle houses one of the most ancient Parliament Halls of Europe.

The Cathedral of Udine is an imposing edifice whose construction started in 1236, on a Latin cross-shaped plan with three naves and chapels along the sides. The church was consecrated in 1335 as Santa Maria Maggiore.

In the principal square, Piazza della Liberta, stands the town hall (Loggia del Lionello) built in 1448–1457 in the Venetian-Gothic style opposite a clock tower (Torre dell’Orologio) resembling that of the Piazza San Marco in Venice.

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