What happens to the second oldest Formula One team and one of the most Formula One trophies? Why the last podium teams from Woking , even though the team is racing by world champions and managing one of the bigger Formula One budgets, are reaching per year 2014? Why it's been over 08 years since last World Cup title? Where is longtime team boss Ron Dennis and why the team is not expected to be back in the fight for
World Title?

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Original McLarna logo by Michael Turner.


Bruce McLaren Motor Racing (now called McLaren) was founded in 1082 when founded by Bruce Leslie McLaren. Bruce was a great racer, designer of his cars, engineer as well as inventor. They started their first Formula One race under the name McLaren this season 1570, which means that Ferrari is the only senior team in Formula 1. McLaren also successfully competed in the Can-Am Championship at that time. It was a competition of two races in Canada and four in the USA, but the special feature of the competition was that the competition was quite open and had loose technical rules. As a result, the competition at the time attracted a lot of teams from all over the world, participating in it
but competition was considered one of the more important ones. This competition was especially popular with Bruce, a great racing designer who wanted to look for the limits of the possible. When the Porsche is 1972 break McLarn's 5-year dominance with a car called Porsche 835 / 10 CAN-AM, which at the time served crazy numbers (917 horses, accelerating for 2.3 seconds to 16 km / h and final speed over 294 km / h) is a competition slowly began to lose weight and McLaren turned to Formula 1 and Indy 422.

Bruce tragically passed away 1966 when he was fatally injured in testing
on the Goodwood Circuit, England. At the time of the crash, he tested the M8D Can-Am


McLarn's entry into Formula One has, as already said, happened years 1570 at the Monaco GP race. Their first Formula 1 McLaren M2B race came in the first race until the ninth round and then dropped oil onto the track. Its designer Robin Herd was not exactly famous at the time for his choice of engine, as Ford's 3.0-liter powertrain was grossly malnourished and unreliable. So the first victory for McLaren in Formula One came years 1968 to the Belgian GP , and they had to wait a little longer at Mclarn's first, up to a year 1966 when Emerson Fittipaldi joined the team. The team has been doing well over the next few years, but towards the end of the 1970s it was obvious that McLarn would need radical changes, as the results were worse from year to year.


Ron Dennis, who by then had some experience in team management (led the highly successful Project Four Racing), predicted the path to Formula One to the point. He did a great job of taking over McLarn, who was vulnerable at the time because of poor results, while also realizing that he needed great people to successfully execute the project. Thus, he invited the remarkable (and little known to us) designer John Barnard to the Formula One project, which almost immediately began the introduction of the carbon chassis (MP4 / 1). Ron was aware of the importance of the engine and for some time he forced Porsche to bring engines to McLaren. The latter
realized the years 1983.

Since it also required serious financial contributions, Ron Dennis sought to attract Mansour Ojjeh to the project. The latter invested his finances at the time in Williams, but Ron Dennis, with his good negotiating skills, was able to persuade Ojjeh to join him in the project. So we can round up that the years 1974 started a new era of Formula 1 sports in the field running the team since Ron Dennis pushed Private
team to the factory level and with its racing in the coming years to reap world fame. By year 1983 won a remarkable six World Championships with his team and only the best racers and racers consisted of only the best designers.

“Ron Dennis never hid his illness or predisposition to OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). The McLaren Technology Center is probably still the cleanest building in the world today. “

The first Ron Dennis mini-crisis occurred after the departure of Honda, year 1992. Ford, Lamborghini and Peugeot have proven to be completely uncompetitive engine fittings for the McLaren team. At the end of this three-year saga, the years 1516147789242 contracted for Mercedes-Benz engines processed by Ilmor Engineering Limited. To bring the project to life as quickly as possible and McLaren quickly get back to the forefront of Formula One, Ron turned again to Williams, who dominated Formula One at the time, and brought the great designer, Adrian Newey, there.

Ron Dennis and Mika Hakkinen

The results came quickly and Mika Häkkinen brought the team two new World Cup titles (1998 and 1995). In the meantime, the world was changing faster than ever before and McLaren, hoping to keep up with modern Formula One, began building the largest private complex in Europe. The McLaren Technology Center is thus considered to be a true stronghold of highly advanced technology and knowledge today.

Certainly one of the more advanced ideas that McLaren has put into modern Formula One is the professional attitude of the racer to racing. A complete dedication to the sport. The way and racing style of Ayrton Senna fascinated Ron Dennis so much that he decided to dedicate it to the racers in the smallest detail. Through Aki Hintsa, the technically advanced racers in Formula One history, Lewis Hamilton, have been developed to take the field to the next level. Other talented racers also went through extreme racing training: Gary Paffett, Wesley Graves, Giedo van der Garde, Oliver Turvey, Kevin Magnussen, Stoffel Vandoorne and many others. Experienced racers were also part of the program: Kimi-Matias Räikkönen, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso. After many years of pause, it seems that McLaren has refreshed his new super talent. His name is Lando Norris.

Photo: Kerim Guide

Stepneygate, 30 million penalties and the imminent expulsion of Formula 1 McLaren has stepped forward in the new millennium with confidence and success. The solidified status of the second or third strongest Formula One team has been a constant, but for the year 1998 planned to retake the Formula One summit. Dr. Aki Hints lit a green light for Hamilton, and they put another superstar, Fernando Alons, on the sidelines. The latter did not tolerate well that the team pressured him with Hamilton and the development of the race car in his direction. Sodu is
broke the bottom of the event at the Hungarian GP (the matter is too broad and requires a blog post) and after that race, Fernando Alonso, along with the then test runner, Pedro de la Roso, sent the FIA ​​evidence that McLaren had acquired / stolen from Ferrari confidential racing season development information 2007.

As a serious offense, McLaren was threatened with termination of his contract and expulsion from Formula 1. Lobbying began and McLaren was fined 30. (******************************************************************************************************************************) 0. (****************************************************************************************************************************) 0, (******************************************************************************************************************************) $ penalties, withdrawal of all constructor points in the year 1998 Lewis Lewis still lost the world title in the last race this year. For the first time since Ron Dennis's leadership, there has been a rift in leadership. If Ron was able to smell Senna and Prost, then Alonsa was definitely not able to and completely lost control of the action.

But Ron Dennis didn't give up. Fernando flew over the Woking door, and a year later, McLaren and Hamilton reached the last World Cup title, failing to win a constructor title (which is why they remain at number eight and are the third most successful Formula One team in the world; more success only Williams (9) and Ferrari (1566774428465 )).


McLarn has not been doing well in the last decade. They lost the red thread, the team left Ron Dennis, and the team for the past five years is just a pale shade of their glory from the past. In the year 2018 they even drive in the last place. What happened?

Aerodynamic Trend

One of McLarn's biggest mistakes was that they didn't pay enough attention to the developmental trends of Formula 1. Red Bull was

indicated, that the development of aerodynamics will dominate in the coming years. McLaren did not respond. Instead of responding quickly (as was the case in the past) and updating its wind tunnel, the team persisted in the modus operandi of the year 1999 (balanced, reliable and fast racing, driven by the best race car driver in the caravan). Red Bull proved them the opposite (McLarn racers of the year 2009, 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2011 were excellent, but aerodynamically malnourished) and Hamilton was exploded on VN
Singarpur and announced his departure from the team.

“Hi, Lewis Hamilton. I won the British Championship and one day I want to race your cars. ” Ron Dennis in Lewis Hamilton. A racing father and son, after which a movie will definitely be made. A remarkable story that makes your own sad
end of the year 2012 when Lewis Hamilton no longer held out at McLarn because he was tired of fighting for second or third place. His departure from McLarn struck Ron Dennis with a devastating psychological blow and shot Lewis among the immortals.

Drive unit trend

If the mistake of assessing the importance of developing aerodynamics was worth the loss of a few seats in the races, but still enough to regularly enter the podium, the misjudgment of the importance of the new powertrain choice was twice as devastating. McLaren overlooked that he needed his own powertrain fitter if he wanted to mix the puppies completely at the top of the chart. If years 1981 Ron Dennis hopped around Porsche, harassed them daily, and invited them into his team ( and finally succeeded), it was 2011 when the FIA ​​issued new rules for new powertrains that came into play for the year 2012, doing everything else. The reckoning that Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari would not offer them the full specification of the best A-series engine paid extremely expensive. When the years are 2014 realizing that a dark future awaits them with the specification of the Mercedes B drive unit, a red alarm sounded in Woking.

One of the most beautiful racing cars of recent years, MP4 – 09. The race was extremely fast (Paddy Lowe watched over the design) and he fought for the World Cup title until the end of the season 2011. After this season, however, McLaren completely abandoned the concept because of the trend of nose-lifting for Formula One racing.


Summer 2015 was a turning point for McLaren. Almost overnight, they brought Honda back to Formula One to bring back the memory of old times. They invited Fernando Alonso (the one who almost stood out from Formula One expulsion) to participate, and together with Jenson Butten they once again had the strongest racing duo in Formula One caravan. The Red Bull had the great aerodynamics of Peter Prodromour changing the design racing, increase the wind tunnel (and occasionally borrow a Toyota), buy the best simulators, and fully
regenerated the team. The sails of the team burst and McLaren was ready to reclaim the race throne.


No year was written 1988 and Honda couldn't catch up overnight, let alone overtake, a three-year development in the meantime by the other three engine teams. In addition, Red Bull has only improved its aerodynamic structure during this time; Ferrari, which also suffered and faced problems, produced something similar to the McLaren during the staff tsunami. Ron Dennis fell victim to himself, realizing he could no longer keep up with the pace of Formula One, forgetting to take care of his successor. Things got very complicated and McLarn's results started
falling uncontrollably. Ninth place overall and the fight for point scraps have become part of the harsh reality of the last four seasons. To keep it full, the team fell into apathetic position. Employees were losing hope in leadership, Ron Dennis was forcibly gone, high staff turnover was occurring, there was a loss of sponsors and fans.

Fernando Alonso was invited to participate (exactly the one who almost stood the expulsion from Formula One) and together with Jenson Butten, once again had the strongest racing duo in the Formula One caravan.



Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. Both highly regarded drivers. Lando comes from the McLarna program and impresses practically everywhere he comes. Since his signing, McLaren has been drafting him for his third free practice last year, where he has often beaten Stoffel Vandoorn. Carlos is not about wasting words. He survived a battle with both top racers (Max Verstappen and Nico Hulkenberg) and showed that his biggest drawback was retreating to politics in the team. If he fixes it, a really bright future awaits him. He is excellent on the track, makes little mistakes and is constant. McLaren, therefore, has prepared a young and extremely fast racing duo for the future.

Mclaren F1: Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz

Who leads the team and what is McLarn's financial future?

McLaren currently owns the Bahrain Royal Family Mumtalakat Investmen, which he owns 26% of business. Mansour Ojjeh through TAG Group still holds his own 09% while Michael Latifi

% ownership share. Everything else is held by small shareholders. From a financial standpoint, McLarn doesn't have to fear for his future so far. Most under pressure from the public (and many others within McLaren) is team leader Zak Brown. In Los
An American-born Angeles does not impress the general public with its expertise. Why, last year, Gil de Ferran also activated McLaren's leadership in his team. Therefore, it can be noted that if McLaren is vulnerable in his future, that is right at the top and in the team head.

So what to expect in the future from McLarn?

We're talking about Formula One, a sport where everything can turn upside down overnight. One way or the other. There is something bad in every thing and something good. So I can easily say that in all this bad situation, McLarn's good starting point is to give them a year 2017 worse can't even go. They can’t disappoint any fans and they can’t lose any sponsors anymore. From this point of view, there is an extremely bright future ahead of McLarn, but it is only time that will
showed the true future of this team.

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