(Motorsport-Total.com) – Williams is currently going through what is arguably the biggest sporting crisis in his history. Only the tenth place of Robert Kubica in Hockenheim prevented the traditional team without WM – counter in the summer break 2019 had to go. After all, it now seems to be moving forward a bit. A proof for this is the Place that rookie George Russell took in qualifying in Hungary.

Robert Kubica


Can Williams pull her head out of the noose? Robert Kubica Zoom Download to fight for points on their own. And with the other teams also making progress, Design Director Adam Carter says, “We need to get into a position where we can grow faster than the others.” Otherwise, Williams will continue chasing the rest of the field.

“The whole paddock is full of clever people, so we have to be even smarter than they are,” Carter said. Therefore, the most important work at Williams is currently off the racetrack. “When we talk about changing philosophy [bei Williams], it's not just about the car's aerodynamics, the whole approach is different,” says Chief Engineer Dave Robson

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For example, one has changed the approach of how to approach a race weekend. “We use more track time at the beginning of a first training session to gather data, which is something new for us,” says Robson. According to Carter, the changes that are currently in Grove are already noticeable. Many of them are not visible to the general public.

“It's not just about designing the car, it's about designing the tools to use with the car design, “explains Carter. In terms of personnel, Williams has also seen some restructuring in recent years. Among other things, chief technical officer Paddy Lowe has left the company this year For this, Patrick Head (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

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