(Motorsport-Total.com) – Ferrari cashed on the Formula 1 weekend in Spielberg equal to two bankruptcies. The one on the track where Charles Leclerc lost the win late to Max Verstappen. The other off the piste, where the Reds had championed a return to the (****************************************) he-tires. However, the required majority was missed at a meeting . Seven of the ten teams would have had to agree.

Charles Leclerc


Ferrari does not handle the Pirelli tires of the season 2019 Zoom Download

“The current process is wrong,” explains team boss Mattia Binotto in retrospect , The teams had no say before the season, “what would be the best tire choice for the season,” he explains. Pirelli alone could decide which tires to use 08. “And then we need 25% to change it,” Binotto wonders. That does not suit him

Background: Pirelli led for the season 2019 Tires with a thinner tread. Of all the top teams, Mercedes gets on with these best, which is why Ferrari and Red Bull are looking for a return to the (******************************************************************************) Pneus pronounced, but ultimately at the aforementioned 15 – Percentage hurdle failed. “This has nothing to do with Pirelli, I think they are doing their best,” Binotto points out.

for Formula 1 (*********************************************************) Officially, there are still no rules for the Formula 1 season 219712. Nevertheless, we have thought about what we like to see Further Formula 1 Videos

He sees the problem in the rules. The teams have the opportunity, Pirelli their wishes for new tires in a “Target Letter” to communicate. “But the 'target letter' only concerns the degradation of the tires and the delta between the compounds,” explains Binotto, adding, “The working window and such things are not specified, so we can not blame Pirelli.”

In the debate about “The tires are very hard to warm up, the window is very small, they overheat when you slip or behind another car,” explains Binotto. For the future, you have to change that to make Formula 1 more exciting again. “Pirelli should not try to help a team,” he clarifies.

F1 -Technique: Ferrari now with “boomerang”

In Formula 1 Season (**********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Ferrari has been relying on this element since Hungary Further Formula 1 videos

“You should try to deliver the best product for Formula 1,” says Binotto. At the same time, one has to find a new process “so that we do not get into a situation like this season again.” Mercedes won ten of the first twelve races of the season

At Pirelli, however, they resist the claim that responsible . “There was no negative feedback until the fifth or sixth race,” said Pirelli manager Mario Isola, declaring: “It was a bit too late, so we could not react.” For a change then the said 25 – percent-majority would have been necessary.

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