(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Red Bull RB7 of the year as one of the most successful cars in the history of Formula One. Sebastian Vettel set up a new driver record with Stock has. He also won eleven races and became world champion for the second time. Teammate Mark Webber contributed another win and three poles.

Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber

© Red Bull

With the RB7 Vettel and Webber 2011 had a real weapon Zoom Download

“It was a very experimental one Phase “, remembers Vettel back. At the heart of the RB7 was the front wing and the blown diffuser . The latter was still a relatively new technology at the time to generate more downforce. Although the trick was already applied before, but “the impact and the logic behind it” were still largely “unknown” according to Vettel.

“It was the first year on which we the Limits have really tested – to the point where we have destroyed a tire on the grid, “recalls the then world champion back. “It made a big difference to how the car felt, how to drive it, how to adjust it, but we learned how to handle it,” he says.

That At the time, the most important thing was “a very clever design of the car”. Even the former engine partner Renault played an important role. The French were then the “bravest” in the field, had adapted and offered solutions “to help the needs of our aero department at that time.” Between and 2013 Vettel, Red Bull and Renault have won the World Cup four times in a row.


Presentation of the Red Bull RB7

“Later, [der angeblasene Diffusor] was banned, and in the years that followed, people tried to find a way to bring it back because it was so powerful,” Vettel recalls, explaining with regard to the Season (*************************************************************************************************************************************************): Unlike won his first world title (************************************************************************************) already four races to end. The RB7 was then the most successful car in the Red Bull history and was later replaced by the RB9 of the year At that time Vettel even won (*************************************************************************************.


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