(Motorsport-Total.com) – Thanks to a previously unknown “countermeasure” Honda could significantly improve the performance of its Spec-3 engine after the French Grand Prix and drive so to two victories. According to Max Verstappen, Red Bull's engine partner learned after Le Castellet not to be so conservative. There, the new stage of expansion celebrated its premiere.

Max Verstappen


Masashi Yamamoto is pleased with Honda's first win Zoom Download

If the package was not very competitive in France, so Verstappen won the following race in the heat of Austria, without the accident with Sebastian Vettel in Silverstone probably went on the podium, won in Germany and looked in Hungary for a long time as the winner.

The fact that you could make such a jump was, according to Honda, not only because you had learned something from the power unit. “I can understand why Max compares France and Austria,” says Honda Formula One Manager Masashi Yamamoto to Motorsport-Total.com.

“We learned a lot from Canada and France – especially as far as the heat is concerned, “he says. “And we've taken countermeasures before Austria – and it worked well – I understand why Max says we've learned to push the engine under certain conditions.”

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Fernando Alonso has the Honda drive once called a “GP2 engine”, but in Spielberg Honda has for the first time since 2006 again won a race 1-Videos

In Red Bull's win in Austria, class leader Mercedes got big cooling problems and had to slow down his performance. With Honda's countermeasures Verstappen had everything he needed to attack and overtake the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc in the end.

(Honda's chief technology officer Toyoharu Tanabe tells 'Motorsport-Total.com' that tinkering “We learned something from France and then improved our commitment to Austria, and then we learned something from Austria and improved something for Germany, we want to optimize everything.”

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The new Spec 3 from Honda has a new turbocharger of the same Jet Engine Expertise benefits as the MGU-H from last year. Both parts are important for good reliability even under high performance levels.

“If we're just slow, we can still drive, but poor reliability is a big problem because we do not drive then can, “says Tanabe. “So we always have to do the balancing act between performance and reliability, but in my view, you need a certain amount of reliability before you can go into performance.”

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