(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula 1 calendar 219777 could with But the end of the flagpole is very likely not yet reached. As you can hear Liberty Media is planning with around (*********************************************************************************************) Race per year. “We expect the number of races to increase a bit in the coming years,” affirms Formula One boss Chase Carey once again.

Cyril Abiteboul, Zak Brown, Andreas Seidl, Otmar Szafnauer


Zak Brown and the others in charge discuss the calendar Zoom Download

To what extent this will happen, could imply in the coming weeks: “When we announce the calendar, then we'll give more insight on when and where it will come from, “said Carey.

However, an increased number of races is found in most little love . Many fear not only supersaturation for the fan, but also an overburdening of employees, who are already in use almost all year round. But also technical and logistic challenges are at the center of the discussions.

Opinion asked by thousands

McLaren CEO Zak Brown sees the discussions pragmatically and would simply ask the fans what they want. “I have my opinion, you have your opinion, but on such questions you need the opinion of thousands”, he would like to give the audience more say.

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In general, Brown would actually be an advocate of scarcity because it worked in other sports as well, while the NASCAR's many races suffered from over-saturation and lost viewers. The question for him is where to draw the line. Should it make sense logistically, then he would support an additional race (*****************************************************************)

“I do not think another race makes a big difference, but if you keep that opinion and just add races, you'll eventually be at 22 or (****************************************************************************************************. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Interest in Formula 1. “We're excited about the interest and the different places that want to race,” says Carey. “We value our historical relationships, but it's also important to explore new possibilities and add new races when demand is there, and the appetite is definitely there.”

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(********************************************************************************). 09. 2000: US Grand Prix in Indianapolis. The first premiere of Formula 1 after the millennium is actually none. A US Grand Prix had already hosted several racetracks, and between (*****************************************************************************) and 25 the Indianapolis (******************************************************************************************) The pilots first went on the 4, ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Road course connects. (****************************************************************) Photo gallery

For this reason, many traditional races were in the lead with Silverstone, Hockenheim, Barcelona or Monza – and Germany will probably fall, as it stands. But the other races are also threatened with the end or at least difficult conditions in the future.

For what Liberty Media also looks like is money. And with the entrance fees, the Americans still see room for improvement. Although especially Bernie Ecclestone was tough when it came to the finances, but he has also offered special conditions sometimes favorable conditions. That could change: “I think there are some places where we do not get what we should have got,” says Carey. “We expect to grow in this area.”

Brown for rotation

Zak Brown thinks that one should talk about another topic in this regard: alternating races. What the Nürburgring and Hockenheim have already done a few years ago, he could introduce himself regionally in other routes and countries. “If the market is there for more races, maybe we should rotate,” he says.

“That would give us a great calendar in great markets and also make for a bit of scarcity because you then in certain markets only once every two years is instead of every year, “said Brown.

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