(Motorsport-Total.com) – Georg Nolte, the former media advisor to Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg, assumes that the path of Mick Schumacher sooner or later in the Grand Prix Sport will be: “Yes, all forces are working,” he answers the question of the industry magazine 'sports journalist' , whether Schumacher will go into Formula 1.

Georg Nolte


Georg Nolte was a consultant to Nico Rosberg and switched to Google Zoom Download

Nolte, since 1 August is no longer working for Rosberg, but in his new role Google communications chief for YouTube in German-speaking countries, suspected behind a Schumacher entry into Formula 1 strong commercial interests. In the premier class, “it's also about money, about marketing, about being in the right car at the right time at the right time.”

“And when all people think about business, then they will it also come like that “, expects Nolte with a rise of the 20 – year-old in the formula 1. Prerequisite for it is, however, to cope with the hype and concentrated working career: “If the Mick keeps his head straight,” said Nolte, the way was foreshadowed. “What I believe, because he is already very strong.”

“He already has more press in the junior series Formula 2 than some Formula One drivers, we had an interview the other day with Nico and him, there are then six TV stations in the series.It is amazing what the boy for a media attention generates, “the media manager impressed.

That could for the formula 1 in Germany will be a great opportunity: “If Mick drives only in Formula 1, immediately six to eight million or maybe even more will watch,” predicts Nolte. To put this into perspective: At the last race before the summer break in Hungary, just over four million RTL viewers were present.

The current interest in Formula 1, says Nolte , was “more normal, so it was before.” But a successful Mick Schumacher could change that in his opinion dramatically: “The Germans are a triumphant people triumphs, If the Mick can even win, then it will be times like the past, where ten million have watched, so I'm convinced.”

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