Kimi Raikkonen revealed before the start of the race weekend at Spa Francorchamps that he had muscled in his sports activities during the last week, and his appearance at the Belgian Grand Prix Sunday race is still in question.

Meanwhile, a spare Alfa Romeo Marcus Ericsson racer has arrived at the Spa, who will not compete in the upcoming IndyCar Series in Portland, as Alfa called a Swedish racer for a race at Spa Francorchamps due to an injury to Kimmy Raikkonen.

Raikkonen will otherwise decide to continue the weekend after tomorrow's first free training session:

I think the situation is improving, but we'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm certainly not 100% ready, but it's hard to say anything before I try to race on the track. I myself think everything will be fine, but you never know about such things.

At the end of the interview with the press, Raikkonen made a further joke:

Obviously drinking is safer than sports, as you can only wake up with a “cat”.

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