(Motorsport-Total.com) – On the disappointing ranks twelve and 19 Haas pilots Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are in the overall standings after the training day in Belgium. Especially the Dane quarrels in the first free practice sessions with the VF – 30 in Spa-Francorchamps. Once again he had the usual Haas problem: he did not get the tires to work.

Kevin Magnussen


Magnussen is annoyed: “These are plastic tires,” he scolds Zoom Download

“These are essentially plastic tires,” Magnussen scolds on the Pirelli tires. “They just do not wear out, and even after seven or eight laps, they look like they're completely new, you can see that line from the shape they're made with,” the Dane continues.

Pure despair speaks of him. With 2.3 seconds behind he landed on the ungrateful Rank, only the Williams drivers were even slower on Friday. “It's incredibly difficult to improve if the tires just do not work.”

Pirelli is using the C1, C2 and C3 blends this weekend, the toughest tires on the range. This is not at all contrary to Haas, as Magnussen notes. “They just do not fit with our car.”

He worked with the downforce on Friday, it went “up and down,” he describes. “We just tried to hit the right level.” Of course, it does not help the tire management that in Belgium traditionally driven with little downforce due to the long straights.

Grand Prix of Belgium – Friday

“The low downforce works as it should, but since the tires are so much on the limit, we do not consume them … We do not get them to work, they look like complete So if you take more downforce and put less energy into the tires, that's not great. “

Is there a short-term solution in sight? “We'll try, we'll turn on our heads and try to collect ideas, but that's never easy when you're in such a situation.” Teammate Romain Grosjean managed a little better, and although his experiment with the

Melbourne-Spec is not continued in Spa .

The Frenchman finished twelfth overall. He is 1.2 seconds behind the Ferrari top on Friday. Both Haas drivers enjoy a new Ferrari expansion in Belgium

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