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The Mediengruppe RTL is broadcasting on three channels. The first free practice session on Friday ((***********************************************************************************************************.) show NITRO in free-to-air TV and ntv.de online in the livestream. The second training in the afternoon ((*********************************************************************************************************): (************************************************************************) Both transmitters transmit linearly at n-tv. TVNOW also streams both sessions. As usual, RTL will take over at the weekend and broadcast the qualifying (Saturday, from (**************************************************************************************************************). (***********************************************************************************************************************) Sunday, from (***********************************************************************************************************). 15 Clock).

The sporting situation is quickly described: The Briton Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) leads in the World Cup standings with 240 points well ahead of his team-mate Valtteri Bottas (200) and the Dutchman Max Verstappen ( The fourth placed Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) is with (***************************************************************************************************) points, on the other hand, are without a win. (****************************************************************************************) Display

In the RTL interview an analysis by Christian Danner, the longtime co-commentator and again and again experts in the RTL broadcasts.

Mr. Danner, what is the main cause of Ferrari's poor performance in the first half of the season? (******************************************************************************************) Christian Danner: other problems. So everything else is a consequence of the fact that, no matter what they do, they do not get enough downforce on the car. ”

That means, Sebastian Vettel could not get out of the car at the moment, despite his driving skills? (****************************************************************************) “No, you're also caught as a four-time world champion in the car's abilities. If the car does not go faster, it can not go faster. He can only try to lead the engineers on the right track and he has long been successful. Only what they do is a longer-term story. From today to tomorrow, there is nothing. That does not mean that they will not be good at Spa. Because Spa is a track that meets the basic features of Ferrari (*****************************************************************************************) would have to correspond well. ”

Is Sebastian Vettel driving yet because of the Vettel, who has won four world titles? (**********************************************************************) “Absolute. The driver is always up to speed. The situation in which he finds himself is therefore only so difficult, because he has added to the problems of the car even a very small bit of his own error repertoire. However, this again is a direct result of the bad car. This vicious circle is hard to break. ”

Do you still believe that he will win the Ferrari this year? (*******************************************************************) “I definitely believe in that. One hundred percent. ”

Does Ferrari have any motivation for the second half of the year, or have they switched to development mode for a long time? (************************************************************************************) “The development mode for next year, of course, is about to happen. But a team like Ferrari can not just say, that's it then. Especially because the rules of the coming year are more or less identical to the rules of this year. That means that everything that does not work this year will not work next year. Or the other way around; What we are doing this year is good and will help us win races or win the World Cup next year as well. Well, that means they just go on devilishly. ”

How about the team in the internal relationship? Who currently has the lead – Vettel or Leclerc? “Oh God, I would say it like that: Sebastian still has his hat on the bosses and in reality. Finished. What drives Leclerc, Sebastian always drives when he gets the car halfway as he needs it. Leclerc is the one who makes more mistakes than Sebastian this year. He is also someone who learns very well. In other words, next year he will be a much stronger driver with whom to deal with. But Sebastian has no problem with that, I think. ”

Sebastian himself has recently denied the idea of ​​withdrawal from Formula 1 in an RTL interview. Are the speculations about his resignation off the table? (*************************************************************************************** “I would say they should be off the table. He said, 'That's nonsense. I would like to and I will continue to race cars because I like it. ' You can not be clearer. ”

What about Nico Hulkenberg, who will be replaced by Estaban Ocon after the Renault season? (***************************************************************************************) “This Ocon thing was obvious, because Nico Hulkenberg has two disadvantages. First, he is not a Frenchman like Ocon, who is much more welcome at Renault. And secondly, Hulkenberg is a man who has a certain salary expectation. This is definitely not the case with Ocon. What's next with Nico Hulkenberg? There are a few teams that are interested in him. This includes Haas, this includes Alfa Romeo. But it will not be enough for him to stay in Formula One. ”

Who was the best pilot so far this year? (********************************************************************************* “Lewis, definitely.”

And your forecast for the second half of the season? When will Lewis become world champion? (************************************************************************* “When he becomes world champion, I'll leave that to the RTL database. But it will not change much in the general weather conditions. It will be exciting, for example, in which intensive strike distance Red Bull will come to Mercedes. I see some very important decisions for the future in that. ”

Hockenheim flies out of the racing calendar. That means: no big price of Germany in the season (****************************************************************************************).

“That's a disaster, of course. If Barcelona manages to continue to win a Grand Prix, and if it works in Austria and if it works out in the Netherlands, then it turns my toenails on, to have to see that we are obviously in the situation in Germany. I do not want to comment on which details this has failed. I can only say that we in Germany have left a very mediocre impression in the international world of motor sports. And that's a disaster for me. ”

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