Turrini: It's no coincidence that only Schumacher and Raikkonen have won the Ferrari title in the last 40 years


Italian blogger Leo Turrini, known for his involvement with Scuderio Ferrari, believes that racing in a red car is a huge pressure for any Ferrari racer.

Turrini believes that winning the title with Ferrari is an extremely challenging task that only a few racers can handle:

“There is no doubt that racing for Ferrari is a very stressful job. Driving a red car is a great honor for every racer and a great burden. I think everyone now understands that it is no coincidence that they are in the last 40. For years the title for Ferrari won only Schumacher and Raikkonen. Kimi is one of the few remaining racers, not just programmed hens. After all, not everyone can be the King of Spa Francorchamps. ”

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