(Motorsport-Total.com) – Alexander Albon has survived his Red Bull baptism of fire. The Briton took the fifth place in his first race in the top team and showed some courageous maneuvers during his catch-up, which also pleased Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko. Only one maneuver against Sergio Perez was investigated by the FIA ​​commissioners.

Alexander Albon, Daniil Kwjat


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“I'm pretty happy,” says Albon after the race. “At the start of the race I had some problems, especially in the first stint, there was hardly anything going forward on the tire.” The rookie started from place but not to work. “I had the feeling that the pace was there, but in those corners where I had to be quick to overtake, I was not fast.” He specifically addresses those in front of the long straights.

Problems on the radio – On medium in the “nowhere”

In round (******************************) he finally came in the top 10 on. “That was really difficult!” Due to the problems, the team moved a bit closer to the pit stop. He then fell back from 8th place (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) ) “In the first stint he had a problem or put it this way: he was in the middle sector for what our car can do, actually too slow, he also tried on the radio to tell us that did not work, we have him not understood at all “, Marko describes the initial difficulties.

Thus, the team Albon has not been able to pass any change instructions by radio. “At the pit stop, it worked, so it was then briefly said and with the red tires he was great on the way there were overtaking maneuvers …” raves the Red Bull motorsport consultant.

If he was on the medium in “nowhere”, he had a much better feeling on the soft tire. “The car felt a lot stronger, so I was able to make some overtaking maneuvers, which was fun.”

Among other things, Albon worked his way past Daniel Ricciardo in eighth place – he overtook He later made it past Daniil Kwjat until he took ten seconds to catch up with Sergio Perez in five laps.

“We drove into the bus-stop chicane and I knew I had a big advantage on the pace so I thought about it as it should overtake, but he would probably get me on the straights again, because the Racing Point on the straights was really fast this weekend, “says Albon.

No punishment for Perez maneuvers however, Perez shortened. “He did not really have much space,” admits the 23 – year old. After that, the “DRS game” was played, he laughs. Both wanted to use the overtaking assistance.

“We both waited until one of them crossed the line, so first he had the DRS.” But when Albon started on the Kemmel straight to maneuver, Perez pushed further to the left. The rookie touched the grass with two wheels, yet he passed the Mexican.

“That was a lot of fun, I enjoyed that.” After the race, the incident was confirmed by the FIA. Commissioners examined. Marko had already expected that nothing would come out before the verdict – and that's how it was.

The reasoning says: “Perez has not realized that Albon wants to overtake so early on the right. He thought he would overtake on the left. ” When the Racing Point driver finally saw the Red Bull want to overtake him, he pulled to the left.

Both riders described the overtaking maneuver as “hard racing” and agreed that was potentially dangerous. Had the incident happened earlier in the race, then there would have been a yellow card, says race director Michael Masi.

“I would have noticed unfair driving,” says Charlie Whiting's successor. “Sergio thought he had not seen Albon in the mirrors, he would have expected him on the left and not on his right, so the commissioners did not give a penalty and Albon was able to pull through the maneuver.”

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