(Motorsport-Total.com) – “I lose a lot of time on the straights, there is something wrong”, Lando Norris sparked a lap before the end of the race in Belgium , Only a little later he reported: “I lose power.” While his racing engineer told him to continue, the Briton shouted to team radio: “I can not! The car is damaged!” Lying on the promising fifth place, he had to park his McLaren at the edge of the track.

Lando Norris


Lando Norris only came 17 rounds far in Belgium Zoom Download

“The race was just a lap too long today,” says the rookie the Belgian Grand Prix. He can not solve the defect. “I noticed how I lost a little bit of power, which I reported on the pit phone, then it got worse in the last chicane.”

The team will investigate the failure. “I could not do anything, it was just a defect.” Team Principal Andreas Seidl confirms: “We are working with colleagues from Renault on the analysis.” The situation with two failures is, of course, frustrating, the German has to admit.

“I've seen the onboards of the previous year” “It's important to have a transparent, open relationship, and we'll analyze everything and solve the problem together.” He certainly does not believe that the failure has anything to do with the engine spec.

Norris was still on an older specification while Sainz got the new upgrade. “I do not think that's related,” says Seidl. “It was the Spec B engine, but it still had enough mileage on it, that was not the problem.”

Before the Briton had to park his car so close to the end of the race, he was on course to fifth place. “Yes, he was lucky in Turn 1, but if you look at the pace, we were well on the tire and the strategy.”

Due to the incident between Verstappen and Raikkonen in La Source was able to improve Norris in a stroke from eleventh place to fifth. “I was able to overtake Magnussen while braking in,” he explains, revealing: “I've looked at onboards from previous years.”

“The inside line looked a little better. I've done my homework.” Because so he sat down from the rest of the midfield. The competition of Racing Point and Toro Rosso he kept at a distance. In between the race was almost a bit “boring”.

“We had the race totally under control.” You did not expect that, Seidl admits. McLaren was suddenly fourth fastest. Especially changes made to Norris' car on Saturday before qualifying helped to the strong performance.

Norris jokes: “During the Race TV watched ” We did not know what the race pace would look like, but we did not know what to expect. “

But Norris bravely kept behind the top 4. Only as the racing point -Bolides were suddenly behind him, he was “nervous”. He knew they could be expected. “But the gap was getting bigger,” he was pleased. “Their pace has been much better over our weekend than ours.”

He found himself in the comfortable position of not having to push or defend. Before his retirement, he (***************************) seconds ahead of Sergio Perez and 38 Seconds behind the top. “I looked at the screens while driving to see what happened,” laughs the newcomer.

He lost ten valuable championship points on Sunday's loss. However, this becomes trivial when one thinks of the terrible scenes of the previous day. Also Norris shows after the race deeply affected by the accidental death of Anthoine Hubert .

“That pretty much took me away,” admits Norris. “It can go wrong so fast, I think that in the past, with all the accidents, it's more likely and regular.” Last year, the 38 – year-old drove himself in Formula 2. “That could have met anyone, including me”, will

“When I think about it, it shakes me, some like to digest it, but not me, I do not even want to think such a thing.” Still, that did not concern him today during the race. The rookie was also determined that he would contest the race. “That's my job.”

Norris a “safer driver than many others”

“I will continue to live my life and sometimes do things I do not want, I wanted to race because I love it, but I still feel with all those involved yesterday. ” He himself did not know Hubert very well, says Norris. “We never raced against each other, but that does not change anything, he was a racer like all of us, and he was just unlucky.”

He has not changed his approach to racing. “I think I'm a safer driver than many others, I take less risk, I have to put my fate in the hands of the others, we just have to trust each other, and although an accident like yesterday is extremely rare, it could also happen in Formula 1 – in every series. “

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