Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto was pleased after the Belgian GP race that Charles Leclerc nevertheless achieved his first Formula 1 victory, noting that Sebastian Vettel also played an important role in Leclerc's victory. kept Lewis Hamilton a few laps behind.

Charles Leclerc brought the first victory of the season at Spa Francorchamps Ferrari, which was also the first victory for a young Formula One monk racer.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto was also very pleased with the performance of his racer:

“Charles Leclerc was exceptional throughout the weekend and he deserved this victory completely, but we must not forget the great work done by Sebastian. It was important to slow down Hamilton, which gave Charles a decisive advantage. Winning the Spa is a nice trip to the Monza race and we will try again to get the best possible result in front of our home fans. “

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