(Motorsport-Total.com) – Charles Leclerc has proven his driving ability on several occasions in this Formula 1 season. In the first twelve races, the Ferrari driver made it to the podium five times. Last weekend, at the Grand Prix of Belgium , he finally climbed into the ranks of Formula One winners.

Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc


Lewis Hamilton was beaten for the first time at Spa Charles Leclerc Zoom Download Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) does not disturb: “I was not nervous,” says Leclerc already almost clarified. “I've gotten used to being in the situation where I'm first and persecuted by someone who's faster.”

“Of course, I knew it was Lewis, and I knew I could not afford to make mistakes, because he'll take the opportunity, but yes, apart from the last lap, he was never really close enough to try, “the Ferrari driver recapitulates his victory in Spa.

Hamilton: “His results speak for themselves”

Hamilton missed just under a second on Leclerc at the end of which the Briton is more than impressed by his current Formula 1 season: “I do not really know what to say, I think his results really speak for himself, “praises the World Championship leader more than ten years younger competitors.

” It is not easy for a driver to climb into a top team, let alone at Ferrari, against a four-time world champion with much more experience. It is not easy to beat him from the first race, whether in the race or in qualifying. I think that speaks for itself. “

youngest Ferrari winner in Formula 1


Space 27: Kimi Raikkonen (152 years, (*****************************************************) days) – Australia (*************************************************************************)

In addition, Hamilton notes that Leclerc was also unlucky in several races: “It would easily have the third victory here He believes, “There will certainly be a lot more coming from him, and I look forward to seeing his growth and riding with him – even though he has something to say was quick. “

Leclerc feels ready to fight for the title

Asked about his early successes at Ferrari, also opposite Vettel, Leclerc himself states: “Since the last six races I was in a better shape, especially in qualifying. I've changed my approach a bit. “In fact, he was able to qualify six times higher than Vettel.

Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton


For the first time this season, a Ferrari was ranked number one in the Parc ferme Zoom Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton Download

“In the race, it was a slightly different story. I've had a bit of a fight in the last two races, but I've adapted and it seems to pay off. That's great, “he continues, adding that the team's statistics are not only for the Poles (3: 1), but also for the victories (1: 0).

When asked if he was already ready for the title, Leclerc responded confidently: “I have the car and the team for it. Of course we have to keep working because we still lack something compared to Mercedes. I also have a lot to learn, but I feel ready, and you have to be in this position. “

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