, André Lotterer and the Porsche (*****************************************************************************************) X Electric – Photo: Porsche


At the premiere of the Porsche The sports car manufacturer has chosen a live video game and integrated the digital twitch community. This has the Porsche Formula E racing car on (*************************************************************************************************). twitch.tv/Porsche revealed. (*****************************************************************************) In total, twitch around the vehicle revelation campaign (*********************************************************************************************************) generated millions of contacts. Almost a million spectators were present in virtual and live performances, as the Porsche regulars Neel Jani and André Lotterer – after four hours of playing time and guided by the community of players – Found and unveiled X Electric at Porsche Digital in Ludwigsburg. The highlight clip of the “Formula E Unlocked” video game is available at (********************************************************************************************************************) to disposal.


Oliver Hoffmann (Head of Marketing Communication at Porsche AG): “That was an exciting and at the same time varied vehicle premiere of the Porsche (***********************************************************************************) X Electric. In the motorsport scene, we used to know the classic vehicle presentations, where as a spectator you follow what is happening on the screen. In Formula E, we approach the young, digitally oriented target group and have therefore consciously decided to take a different approach. With the “Formula E Unlocked” live video game, we have not only reached this target group communicatively, but also actively in the vehicle revelation of the Porsche Electricity Included It's great that we've been successful with this new kind of vehicle premiere and that it has been appreciated by different audiences. “(************************************************************************) Adam Harris (Director, Custom Solutions, Twitch EMEA): “Porsche has chosen a unique vehicle premiere in the presentation of its first Formula E racing car. We have deliberately immersed ourselves in the world of our community and the results undoubtedly prove that we have succeeded in doing so. We are very pleased with the result we achieved together with Porsche. Much of our community has interacted with the brand in a meaningful and effective way. ”

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