Race organizers at Spa Francorchamps have confirmed that they will replace the asphalt excursion zone on the fatal collision between Anthoin Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa.

The tragically deceased Anthoine Hubert lost control of his race car as he exited Eua Rouge, collided with a guardrail, then hit a paved excursion zone at speeds greater than

Juan Manuel Correa ran miles per hour.

Hubert lost the battle of his life after a serious accident, and race director Nathalie Maillet announced some changes:

“There will certainly be no change on the track itself, but we will replace the asphalt zone in Raidillon with a sandy one. We immediately started talking about where to install the sand zones and what their depth should be. What happened was the result of a series of extremely unfortunate circumstances, and it reminded us all that motorsport can never be completely safe. ”

Video: Analysis and Animation of a Fatal Formula 2 Race

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