Monza is a track that requires specific Formula 1 car settings that are tailored to the track configuration dominated by long planes.

The teams thus brought modified versions of the rear wings to the Italian GP, ​​with the most extreme solution being presented by the Red Bull team, which will perform in Monza with a nearly straight rear stabilizer.

Las diferentes configuraciones de ala trasera. Falta Mercedes que aún no ha enseñado su ala de baja carga. La de Red Bull is a solo pair of los adhesivos.

The different rear wing configurations. Missing Mercedes low downforce rear wing. The Red Bull Wing is only for the stickers pic.twitter.com/CuaAi7wv7r

– Albert Fabrega (@AlbertFabrega) September 5, 2019

Mas de pitlane

More from the pitlane pic.twitter.com/jho5bn7rYl

– Albert Fabrega (@AlbertFabrega) September 5, 2019

Alfa Romeo ala menos carga que Spa y con biplano de menos cuerda y sin gurney flap en borde de salida.

Alfa Romeo with less downforce than Spa with shorter chord top flap and without gurney flap. pic.twitter.com/ofDmgL0Daa

– Albert Fabrega (@AlbertFabrega) September 5,

El Williams preparado para el # italiangp

The Williams Ready for the # ItalianGP pic.twitter.com/pNAB8sGQow

– Albert Fabrega (@AlbertFabrega) September 5, 2019

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