After it was clear in the middle of the week that Max Verstappen [Red Bull] and Pierre Gasly [Toro Rosso] would start the race for the Italian GP from the start of the starting line due to the penalty of the starting points, the FIA ​​confirmed that they will also be joined by Lando Norris in the background [Mclaren].

Verstappen and Gasly will use the fourth specification of this year's Honda drive unit at the upcoming Monza race, which means the Dutchman and Frenchman will start the race for the Italian GP from the start of the race.

Land's Norris is also waiting for the starting points to be added to the powertrain on Sunday. The British start the C race weekend in Monza with the C-specification of the Renault engine, which has already been racing at Renault Francorchamps by Renault racing drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg.

# F1 # ItalianGP Lot of grid penalties for @ Max 33 Verstappen @ PierreGASLY and @ LandoNorris # MsportXtra pic.twitter.com/xHGiqIo00

– #MsportXtra (@MsportXtra) September 6, 2019

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