(Motorsport-Total.com) – Kimi Raikkonen joins Monza as last year's poleman. But with his new team he will also contest. Only the left foot is still struck after he had contracted a muscle strain in the summer break. But that's no problem, he will soon (*************************************************************************************) – Yearly all-clear.

Kimi Räikkönen


Kimi Raikkonen gives the all-clear: All right, yes, only the brake foot … Zoom Download

“I had injured my leg in the summer break. It's not 100 percent, but it was okay to drive, and that matters, “says Räikkönen, describing his current condition. Nachsatz: “It's the brake leg, so it does not really matter,” the “Iceman” makes for laughter in his media round.

The Gasfuss is anyway important, especially on the long Straight in Monza. With the injury he already survived the race in Belgium without problems – although his incident with Max Verstappen would have meant almost the premature end.

“Iceman” hopes for “similar speed” as in Spa

“We kept going because in a race you never know what's going on, the car was not in the best shape after the accident, but sometimes you're lucky.” In that case rather less, because Raikkonen came off as (*************************************************************************************).

Was he a year ago in the royal park in Ferrari still in the lead, he What is possible for Raikkonen in Monza? “It's hard to say, because this is my first time with the team here, it's also a home race for us.”

“Hopefully we'll have a similar speed to the last race . ” In Belgium, thanks to the Ferrari power in the rear, he was able to reach the top (******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) (***************************************************************************) (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

Space 10: Kimi Raikkonen (27 years, 52)) ******************************************************** (**********************************************************************************)

As the downforce level will be similarly low as in Spa-Fran corchamps and top speed at the same time, he certainly expects opportunities for a strong points. “Let's see what the weather does on the weekend, it should be a bit changeable.”

Indeed, the Rain provide tension in Italy. “Let's hope we have a similar speed [wie in Spa].” Unlike the other Ferrari-powered pilots, however, he continues to drive with a slightly older specification.

“I already have my third engine in. It's okay, there's no problem. ” At the next change he would receive a penalty. When this change is completed, the Finn does not know. “No idea,” he comments

Raikkonen: How much does he miss Ferrari?

A special honor was given to him even before the Italian race weekend. Raikkonen became (*******************************************************) – year Ferrari invited to Milan, where celebrated on Wednesday in the city center with current and former Ferrari pilots in front of hundreds of Tifosi.

After all: Raikkonen is still the last world champion on Ferrari. “Of course I have a past with Ferrari, so they asked me to join in. It was okay for me, because I would have come this morning anyway, it was nice, it was great for the Tifosi.”

He was pleased with the invitation: “That was a nice birthday party.” Does he miss the feeling of being a Ferrari driver – especially before the home race of the troupe? “No idea,” he replies in the usual cool way. “I do not look so much into the past, I had a great time there.”

Raikkonen could with the Scuderia of 2007 to 2009 and from 2014 to 2018 a total of one world title, ten victories, (******************************************************************************************) enter podiums and seven pole positions. “I've been there for many years and we've won titles together, it's great to be part of their story, when I see them, we're still talking to each other, but it's okay as it is now.”

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