(Motorsport-Total.com) – While Max Verstappen could still win the Grand Prix in Austria after a bad start, the race in Belgium came to an end for the Dutchman after an equally wicked start. Meanwhile, he has analyzed why he got away so badly from fifth place. He hopes for a better start from the very back on Sunday.

Max Verstappen


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“We know the problem, but it is very difficult to solve “, Verstappen reveals on the Media Thursday in Monza. “I hope it's a little better with the new engine.” (**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) )

He describes that at the start it is all about the few milliseconds after he releases the clutch. “We seem to weaken a bit.” In previous years he would not have lost positions with a bad start and won with a good one – that would be different (********************************************)

This is mainly due to the traction, which worked better in the previous year, even with “minor difficulties.”

“This year, immediately after I release the clutch, I get too much spinning wheels Maybe the tires also matter because they're colder, but of course that should not be an excuse, I think we can do it better. “

He does not see the blame on himself : “I think the procedure itself works very well, I've shown in the past two years that I was on average second or third, so I do not think I'm doing anything wrong.”

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It's more about how the engine delivers traction in the low rpm range. Verstappen also admits that his bad starts are more in focus, as he usually starts from the first three rows. “Of course it looks worse when you start second, third or fourth as the cameras are aimed at you.”

Verstappen tries to put it into perspective: “Not all starts this year We also had good starts, where we did not win a position, like in Hungary, I stayed first. ” At the Hungaroring the 21 – yearling achieved his first Formula 1 pole.

Overall, the system is a bit too “sensitive”. He therefore suggests, “We need to find a way to become a little more robust, so that it will work if we get off to a bad start.” It will be particularly crucial for Verstappen on Sunday, as he will start from the very back of the grid.

Verstappen: P5 would be “a good result” The Japanese would continue to work on the starting problem, emphasizes the two-time winner of the season. “We'll see him deliver on the track.”

“We tested the other engines on the bench before and thought it was better, but we did not have any great starts,” there he to. The driveability is certainly not the problem, but rather the speed.

“Of course I can not go into detail, because that's confidential, but it's about driving away from the line let go, in the phase from the first to the second gear, this moment is a little tricky. “

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The decision to install the new engine in Monza, he welcomes. Because on the long straights Verstappen can overtake. “The only problem is that we are not competitive in comparison to Ferrari or Mercedes.”

On other tracks Verstappen could still reach the podium from the very back, that's the good pace of the Red Bull or the strategy owed. In Monza, he has less high expectations: “I do not think I'm still on the podium from behind.”

A fifth place is still realistic: “We would in a normal race without incident to aim, that would be a good result. ” Verstappen could get help from above, because the weather forecast can be hoped for a wet race.

If it rains, then a catch-up is possible, he is sure. “But first we have to see if it rains at all, it looked like it was yesterday, it's less today, it's difficult to judge at the moment, hopefully it will make us a little more competitive.” His best ever Monza result: fifth place last year.

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