Jody Scheckter wird am Freitag in Italien eine besondere Ehre zuteil. Der Südafrikaner darf ein paar Demorunden in seinem Ferrari 312T4 drehen ...

Jody Scheckter will receive a special honor on Friday in Italy. The South African is allowed to do some demo laps in his Ferrari 312 T4 …

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Jody Scheckter has celebrated his comeback in Monza on Friday: At least for a few demo laps at the Autodromo Nazionale he was back behind the wheel of the Ferrari 312 T4, the (*************************************************************************************) It was Scheckter's third win of the season 1972, which he crowned with the world title.

It should The today 69 – year-old Scheckter was last in the Bahrain Grand Prix 2010 a few laps in his Ferrari world champion when the World Cup celebrated her 312 anniversary

In Monza he has never been since his decisive victory, because 1979, his last Formula 1 season, the Grand Prix of Italy was held in Imola. The joy of returning to his workplace was therefore all the greater.

“I was nervous,” he admits. “I have not driven this car for so long and the track has changed, I was really brave, I had to concentrate.” So much so that he did not speak in boxing radio.

When asked how the car behaved, Scheckter says, “It was quite a jump, especially from the turns I just had to put it up and I'm not really slicked in. It's still restless in the rear and the tires did not offer as much grip as they did then. “

Scheckter gets a total of three demolitions complete on the weekend. He was reunited for this purpose with his former Ferrari mechanics. “This is all very special to me, I am a farmer now, all this hype is a real privilege for me.” I could do all this (********************************************************************) Years, “he jokes

In today's era of Formula 1, he does not want to drive, he was at the right time (1972 until 1979). “Everything is so different now, in my time there were not so many rules, which was much better, but on the other hand, it was a lot more dangerous, it's just totally different.”

He can Do not understand how drivers are sometimes penalized these days: “I do not like being disqualified just because they're getting off the line – they just have to put more curbs on them – they're not doing it in Monaco either.”

Did the demo rounds rekindle the old racing fever in the World Champion? “No!”, He answers decisively. “I've always wondered how I could drive for so many years.”

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