(Motorsport-Total.com) – Some viewers may have wondered why Alexander Albon did not consistently ride his usual helmet design on Monza on Friday. The Red Bull rookie used a helmet in phases, which was predominantly painted white. It was an Arai brand helmet that Albon tried on Red Bull's request.

Alexander Albon


Alexander Albon is testing a new helmet this weekend Zoom Download

Background : “The Arai helmet was used as a basis for our car concept,” said Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko at the beginning of the season . So far, however, Albon drove with a helmet from Bell. “It was a pretty short-term decision,” he says. From the change, the bulls hope small aerodynamic advantages.

In addition, this should also improve the quality of the radio. “I'm not Adrian [Newey], so I can not say that much, but they really wanted me to try it – in Formula One, every detail counts,” says Albon. For him personally, the change was not a big victim. “It does not change that much for me,” he shrugs.

“They all feel pretty similar when you put your helmet on,” he says and explains with a laugh: “I hope he's [richtig] painted tomorrow!” But it is still not clear whether Albon will actually change permanently. “We'll see,” he muses. In Monza are now once more tests with the Arai model on the plan.

By the way, Max Verstappen does not drive with an Arai helmet – against the wishes of Newey. Instead, he relies on material from Schuberth. “Verstappen had problems with the Arai helmet, from the fit, but also from the point of view, he felt extremely uncomfortable,” Marko explains at the start of the season against 'Motorsport-Total.com'.

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