Ricciardo on Hubert: “We are in no magic bubble”


(Motorsport-Total.com) – The smile had disappeared from Daniel Ricciardo's face. With serious expression, the Australian wrestled on race Sunday in Belgium for composure. The news of the accidental death of the first (*********************************************) Junior pilots Anthoine Hubert had the factory driver doubt his profession just hours before the Grand Prix, and suddenly a race result did not seem that important anymore. A week later Ricciardo is still struck by the immediacy of death.

Daniel Ricciardo


Daniel Ricciardo was very upset in Belgium Zoom Download

“I definitely felt better after the race on Sunday evening.” Those (**********************************************************************) – year-old. “After the race, I felt that a lot of load had fallen off my shoulders.”

For the night before the race, he asked himself some essential questions. “

Finally, there are still cars that drive in a circle ,” he said after the Grand Prix. He had wondered if it was morally correct to race at all.

“I was not sure if I wanted to drive ” then I should not drive the race in this mental state, “he expresses his thoughts immediately before the race.

Ricciardo finally rose – obviously stunned whether the tragic events in Formula 2 Race – into the RS He finished the race in rank 30. “When I got in the car, I was not sure if I really wanted to race, then when it started and we did the lap to the grid, it felt okay.”

He found out that it was not fear that plagued him, but profound mourning for the passing away of Hubert. If it had really been a form of fear, then he would have gotten out of the car, he admits also openly.

Nico Hülkenberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Anthoine Hubert


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Ricciardo describes on Friday in Monza, that he started the journey home from Belgium with a few other pilots. “We talked about it, it helped.” Even a few quiet days at home in Monaco helped the Renault driver to recover mentally.

Like Ricciardo felt after the Japanese Grand Prix . As soon as Jules Bianchi collided with the overhead crane, the riders immediately realized that something bad had happened. “Even then we were pilots eating together in the evening and have talked about it, which helped.”

This type of group therapy has a positive effect, since the individual driver knew that he was with his Feelings are not alone, describes Ricciardo. After Bianchi's death in summer and that such a drama can not happen anymore.

“If it happens, it's a big shock”

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* When he saw the Formula 2 accident on Saturday, he instinctively knew that something bad had happened.

“There's a feeling of being in the pit of your stomach, you know when Accident is bad, “he can say from his experience. Not even a week after the tragic outcome of the crash, the show continues. The riders barely had time to realize what happened.

Nevertheless, Ricciardo asserts: “Going back this weekend is okay for me, I'm not worried. Returning to the routine and slowly moving on, as we did after Jules, “he says, adding,” but of course we will always remember her. “

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