After chaotic qualifications, after failing to start the final round in time, Lewis Hamilton hinted that they had created a delusion with Ferrari deliberately, since Charles Leclerc took first place before his last attempts.

Leclerc dismissed Hamilton's allegations, pointing out that the whole case involved an unusual set of circumstances.

Near the end of the qualifiers, a rarely-seen event happened, because of the tacticization and search of the wind, almost all racers encountered a temporary lock.

Hamilton, who finished second in qualifying, hinted that the whole situation could be Ferrari butter.

Leclerc, who will start Sunday's race from the best starting position, immediately rejected the British claims.

There was nothing intentional on our part. Sebastian was also in the pole game and we didn't want that to end. It was an unusual combination of circumstances and a great deal of confusion ensued. I'm sorry for the team, as you could win the first start line.

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