(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sergio Perez is out of luck right now. After at the spa weekend his new Mercedes engine of the latest stage (Phase 3) abused , he moved back to an older drive (Phase 2). But he was broken in qualifying in Monza now also. Now Perez needs a new unit again.

Sergio Perez


In Monza Sergio Perez had another engine failure Zoom Download

A penalty is inevitable, because Perez has already arrived at the maximum permissible engine. Interesting: He will receive no further engine of the latest development stage. “I think we will install a new Phase 2 engine,” explains team boss Otmar Szafnauer. Background: Under parc-ferme conditions only identical parts may be exchanged.

If one were to convert from phase 2 to phase 3, the Mexican would have to start from the pit lane. A move from Phase 2 to Phase 2, on the other hand, would “only” result in normal repatriation. “I think we will start from Verstappen, he has a new engine and we qualified before him so we will start as (**********************) “, explains Szafnauer.

Theoretically, Perez could then end the season with his new engine. “If we go to Phase 3 again, because you have to balance performance and penalties,” explains Szafnauer. An upgrade therefore probably only makes sense if you would qualify anyway in a race as the last and could change virtually unpunished.

It is still not clear what exactly caused the defect on Saturday , And 19083022 Uncertainty also prevails in the new Phase 3 engines. Because in Belgium Robert Kubica also lost a motor of the latest development stage. Is there a general problem with reliability? “I do not know enough about that, you have to ask Mercedes,” sighs Szafnauer the shoulders.

Basically he was not worried. “All in all, they are very, very good at reliability and they will get a handle on it, they are very strong,” he praises Mercedes. Sergio Perez may not be so relaxed after two breaks on two weekends.

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