While Charles Leclerc earned the glorious victory of the Italian press with a magnificent victory in Monza, the Italian media, on the other hand, were very critical of Sebastian Vettel’s poor performance, which they described as a disaster.

The Italian public received the first Ferrari victory in the home race with great enthusiasm, and the first name of Monday’s press was, of course, Charles Leclerc.

At Gazzetta dello Sport, performances of the young Monegasque could not be praised.

Ferrari won the Monza again and Leclerc, who became a Ferrari legend, is credited for doing so. In just six months, he has won the hearts of Ferrari fans and proved that Ferrari is the future. “

Leclerc’s performance was also impressed by Corriere del Sera :

“A masterpiece of Leclerc. The Ferrari warrior won the fight with two Mercedes and was racing without a hitch. The Leclerc race as World Champion and Monza 2019 has shown that she is a special-quality racer. “

Corriere dello Sport added:

Leclerc unleashed Monza with the Ferrari victory we’ve been waiting for almost ten years. Sebastian Vettl’s Race is Forgetting.

At La Repubblica they wrote:

Nine years later, Ferrari conquered Monza again. Leclerc is with 21. flies the youngest Ferrari racer to win two races in a row, succeeding in his first season in the red car.

La Stampa strongly criticized Sebastian Vettl’s performance:

Leclerc withstood all the pressure and gave Ferrari an unforgettable victory. On the other hand, Vettel was disastrous. With Leclerc, Ferrari has a new hope.

At Tuttosport, however, they are convinced that Leclerc has assumed primacy in Maranell:

“What a show! With the victory at Monza, Leclerc retired Vettl and became the first Scuderie racer. “

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