Charles Leclerc is driving his first season for Ferrari this year, and it doesn't seem to be his last year on the Maranell team. Not only is he planning to draft a new contract for the season 2020, but it will also contain a lot of a higher salary, some predicted to triple the current salary, and even higher performance bonuses.

Leclerc replaced Kimmy Raikkonen at Ferrari this season, raising a lot of dust. Many people did not believe that young Monacan was ready to join such a large and demanding team as Ferrari .

But Leclerc soon dispelled the doubts, as he was already in the first half of the season 600 with some great performances justified the high expectations of both Ferrari and the very demanding Italian public. Many who doubted him were able to convince him that in the future he would be one of the main players in winning the World Cup title, states Passion Formula .

Video: Tifosi Leclerc Targets a standing ovation

Last weekend, at the Belgian Spa race, Charles Leclerc also reached his first Formula 1 victory, winning his fourth in the Italian GP pole position and Sunday's second win at Ferrari's home court. With his excellent form and good performances, unlike Vettl, he raised the question of the first driver at Ferrari.

At La Gazzetta dello Sport it is reported that Ferrari is already thinking about extending cooperation with the monastic driver and, of course, the better offer to keep him at least until the end of the season 2024 . He is currently expected to receive a salary of € 2 million annually, which is expected to triple by the year 2021 .

Binotto confirms that Leclerc will remain a member of the Ferrari team and that he will be drafted a new contract:

»Contracts with drivers are re-drafted when there are reasons and conditions for doing so. Charles and I have invested in the future and Seb is happy to be with us. During the off-season 2020, the Ferrari driver's duo will still be there. “

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