Mercedes boss Toto Wolff points out that the FIE's failure to punish Charles Leclerc for aggressively closing Lewis Hamilton in the Monza race could lead to an increase in collisions and racing incidents in the future.

Hamilton, who finished third in the Monza race, attacked the leading Leclerc after boxing stops, and Monacan aggressively defended his position in the second chic. Hamilton drove to the excursion zone and the commissioners only showed Leclerc a warning.

Toto Wolff believes that the Leclerc case could set standards that will trigger more incidents in the future.

I think racing was very fierce this time, it may have gone a bit over the border. Lewis did a fantastic job of avoiding a collision. The standard set by the FIA ​​could lead to more collisions, as more and more racers will be willing to risk contact. Most likely, we will be revisiting the rules when the first collision occurs.

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