Max Verstappen is convinced that his Red Bull in the race for the GP of Italy in Monza with the fourth specification of the Honda powertrain was as fast as that of Mercedes and Ferrari.

Verstappen, which first tested Honda's powertrain in Monza, started the race for the Italian GP from penalties from the last starting position, and the Dutchman had to drive to a stop in the first round due to a damaged front wing.

Verstappen believes that with a better starting position in Monza, he could also fight against Ferrari and Mercedes racers.

We were just as fast as Ferrari and Mercedes. Too bad what happened in the first round, as we could have achieved a very good result. We knew that the Monza was not a track fit for our car, but Honda took a major step forward with the new powertrain. Now we are waiting for Singapore, where we again expect the fight for the summit.

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