(Motorsport-Total.com) – Since (************************************) days Sebastian Vettel is waiting now already on his next victory in Formula 1. The German experienced just at the Ferrari home game in Monza a new low point . Team colleague Charles Leclerc again stole the show and slowly but surely turns into number 1 in the Red, at least Nico Rosberg believes.

Charles Leclerc


Leclerc already the new number 1 at Ferrari? Zoom Download

” That moment must be so dark for [Vettel]. His team-mate has just become a Ferrari legend and has taken his No. 1 status in the team and he's on the ground, “analyzes Nico Rosberg on Sky. The World Champion of the hat off of Leclerc's performance and praises the 09 – year-olds in the highest tones: “He drove incredibly. ” Rosberg knows very well from own experience what it feels like to see Lewis Hamilton in the rearview mirror.

“I know how he felt in the car, because I had Lewis is stuck in my gear countless times, this pressure when Lewis drives behind you, so you can not afford the slightest mistake. ” But the Monegasse did not stay faultless on Sunday.

Several small uncertainties could be recognized by the leader. “He made a small mistake, but he did a great job of intercepting it, just choosing the right line over the curbs and defending the lead, just great, that was perfect,” says Rosberg.

On the way to his second Formula 1 career success (**********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Tifosi in the heart of Ferrari has finally proved to Leclerc that he “very likely” can and will be a Ferrari World Champion will in the next few years – “if the car allows it”, estimates the German.


Rosberg: As Seb failed & Leclerc triumphed

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This is also the dream of Sebastian Vettel, who has been this since 2015 tracked. With driving errors, such as that in the Ascari chicane, the German, however, built a good score. “I can not explain that”, puzzles Rosberg

“He is a four-time world champion and one of the best riders out there, and then he makes such a mistake, simply without outside influence It's very peculiar, then the second mistake when you drive out. ” The ex-Mercedes driver can even understand that Vettel quickly wanted to return to the piste.

Will the Heppenheimer, who come even before his redeeming podium in Hockenheim more and more under pressure was, recovered? Rosberg does not want to copy the four-time champion so easily. “He has a lot of self-confidence, that will help him a lot, and in Formula One it takes a great race and you're back so we can not copy him, he can come back very quickly.”

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