FIA Formula 3 Championship

09. 09. 2019

At the Monza Circuit, the weather made for the races of the FIA ​​Formula 3 Championship for a change. After a rainy Friday, the sun was shining on Saturday, before a heavy shower hit the course again on Sunday morning.

And on the wet surface, Jake Hughes (GB) got along the best. Starting from third on the grid, he passed the two competitors in front of him with a perfect start and took the lead in the field. He defended the lead in the first laps with skilful maneuvers and extended his lead with the hitherto fastest race lap in lap six. But gradually, the track began to dry and under the changed conditions Jake could not hold the strong pace from the start of racing. The projection melted, the pursuers came closer. In the end beaten and attacked two laps later again the now leading Yuki Tsunoda (Jenzer Motorsport). He eventually prevailed and one lap later, Jake also lost second place. In the closing stages, he focused on securing third place. He managed this confidently and he made the fourth overall podium finish for HWA Racelab perfect this season.


Team-mate Bent Viscaal (NL) also made a strong start. Quickly he worked his way up from rank 13 Forward. Similar to Jake but he was on the drying track heavier, added bad luck in two race incidents. First, Bent had to leave the track in an evasive maneuver. The race management punished this as an unauthorized advantage and took him with a 5-second penalty. In round (**************************************************) the Dutchman was hit by a competitor at the rear and turned. The race was now for Bent, he fell back and finished in the end (*******************************************). Keyvan Andres (IR) started from position (**************************************************************************************************************************) around. In the back of the field, the drivers sometimes had a hard time adjusting to the change of conditions from wet to dry. So it came to several light collisions, which also affected Keyvan. In the end, he crossed the finish line to rank (*************************************************************************

Strong catching up of Jake Hughes on Saturday rewarded with points

Saturday began with bad omen. The race director had sanctioned unnecessarily slow driving several times after qualifying and also gave Jake and Bent a penalty based only on the positions (*********************************************************************************) and 04 But the annoyance over the penalty moved quickly, because Jake made a brilliant start: With the meanwhile fastest race lap, he worked his way up eight places and after three laps he had arrived in the points. Jake maintained his good pace and took advantage of competitors' mistakes and failures. In lap seven, he took eighth place, before a safety-car phase slowed down the events on the track. Afterwards, Jake was anxious to secure his position and to wait for a possible final offensive. But that did not happen anymore. After a spectacular looking but luckily outgoing accident of the right in front of Jake driving Alex Peroni (Campos Racing) the race was ended behind the safety car. Jake finished seventh, but moved up to sixth after penalizing a rider in front of him and earning another eight points for HWA Racelab. With a total of

Bent also quickly made up some positions. In the first two race laps he worked his way up from the starting position (************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) arrived. Thanks to a concentrated flawless ride, there was an overall improvement of ten places and rank in the end 20 to book.

Keyvan brought a strong start from rank (*************************************************************************************************) Forward. But then he left in the position fights in midfield springs. Keyvan was lying on position (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Tail met. Although he was able to continue, but lost sight of pace, fell back and finished the race on position 20.

The races of the FIA ​​Formula 3 Championship were held this weekend under the motto “Racing for Anthoine”. The teams commemorated the fatally injured Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert with a logo on their vehicles last weekend. At the injured in the accident in Spa Juan Manuel Correa badly injured the teams with the slogan “Stay strong JM”.

Voices for the race weekend

Bent Viscaal (22, NL, # 10), Space 17 and 27: ” All in all a disappointing weekend for me. Today I was hit from behind and fell far behind, then the race was over. On Saturday I had to start after the penalty from far behind. After all, I made up a lot of places during the race. Otherwise, it was a disappointing weekend. “

Jake Hughes (18, GB, # could. In qualifying, we had a very good pace at first, until some crazy action came and we took the place (*************************************************************************************) have fallen behind. About the session itself I was annoyed as well as the unfounded in my view punishment, because of the starting position 19 had to start the race. On Saturday I still tried to stay positive and make it into the top eight. I actually succeeded. We had a very good pace and finished seventh. Fortunately, Alex Peroni did not do much in his accident. After a penalty for another rider, I advanced to sixth and was able to enter the race in third today. With a very good start, I took the lead. On the wet track, our vehicle worked really well and I was able to get a head start. It got harder on the drying track. I fell back two places and finished third. If you lead so long, you are initially disappointed. But considering that I went into the first race from the grid position is it really worthwhile ending the weekend with a podium place? Now I am looking forward to Sochi and hope that there is something forward again. Because our pace is really good, we have to use that. “

Keyvan Andres (20, IR, # 12), Space 19 and me have another hard weekend behind me. It all started in qualifying, where I finished fourth after a strong lap. Then we are back in the pits earlier than the others and have lost places. After that, the session was a complete mess, as everyone has seen. So I had to go from Platz There I was hit by other vehicles or driven over the curbs about ten times. In race 2 it was wet, but again I was hit several times. All in all a bumper weekend. “

Thomas Strick, Team Principal HWA Racelab: “For the fourth time this season on the podium – this is a great success for us as a new team in Formula 3. Thanks to the whole team! With the constantly changing weather conditions this was hard work. Jake proved his great driving talent during his catch-up on Saturday and laid the foundation for third place with a phenomenal start today. Bent and Keyvan had a lot of bad luck this weekend. Nevertheless, they also showed their ability in phases. We are looking forward to the big final in Sochi, where we want to deliver another strong team result. ”

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