Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes the Monza race has revealed the difficulties Valtteri Bottas has in catching up and overtaking its competitors.

After none of the Mercedes drivers in the Italian GP race overtook Charles Leclerc, Monacan gave Ferrari a magnificent victory in front of home spectators.

Leclerca first tried to overtake Hamilton, but after many attacks, he got into tire problems. Bottas was sent to Mercedes to hunt Monacan, but the Finn, despite racing with significantly less worn tires, was unable to get any closer to Leclerc.

Toto Wolff believes that the Monza race has revealed Bottas' deficit compared to his team-mate.

“Bottas has a lot of problems following another racer, and that was a good thing to see in Monza. Hamilton finds himself much better in this position, as he can move closer and consequently attack his rival in front of him. Valtteri will have to improve a bit in this area. He had a great rhythm in Monza, but it all stopped when he came for Leclerc. “

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