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Love the composition. Looking at those planes is giving me a tingle.

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Thank you! I’m still not sure if I should have flipped the image so the Italian colours are the right way around, but I decided to just leave it the way I seen it in person.

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It was intense sitting under the planes doing a full loop over turn 1.

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Insane opening ceremony.

Anyone remember that onboard angle from one of those (maybe different group) fighter jets while it was in the downward trajectory? Looked wicked!!!

On an off note – even the choir sung national anthem was pretty cool!

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Photo taken by Dylan Clifford.

Nikon Z6 / 70-200mm lens.

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A great cross between 2 of my passions. Racing and Aviation.

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Al Fursan, The UAE Air Force Display Team Paints the Skies at Dubai Airshow – AINtv

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