Charles Leclerc is 2018 behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Sauber C 37 debuted in Formula 1, and after the first season he sat in a Ferrari car. Expectations for the debut in the red car were understandably high, as the young racer under the Monaco flag is considered one of the greatest talents in racing.

Here are some facts about Formula One's new super talent:

Verstappen and Kart racing together

Although Max Verstappen is a mere 16 Days older than Leclerc, the Dutch star will enter his fourth season in Formula 1. Unlike his counterpart, Leclerc has reached the elite via more conventional and slower channels. The duo last moved on the track 2014.

Verstappen and Leclerc finished in the top two places in the final of the KZ 1 World Karting Championships after a tense standoff:

Charles's father was also a runner

Similar to Verstappen, Leclerc comes from a racing family. Charles's father, Herve, was also a racer, racing in Formula 3 French in the 1980s, and often participated in the GP Monaco in the F3 series.

Herve, a great admirer of Ayrton Senna, transferred his passion for racing to his son and, with the help of his friend Philipp Bianchi (father of Jules Bianchi), guided him into the world of motorsport.

He grew up with Jules Bianchi.

The Bianchi family owned a go-kart track on which Charles made his first kilometers just before he turned five. They were good friends, and when Charles made his racing debut, his mechanic was Jules, seven years older.

Despite the tragedy and loss of a good friend who died after a severe accident in a Suzuki race, Leclerc continued his racing journey. He lost his father Herv last year, and just three days after his father's death, Charles came into pole position in F2, leaving the competition half a second behind. The next day only 10 a second punishment prevented him a new victory, with tremendous racing and great inner strength, impressed everyone.

At the time of Charles' debut, Jules Bianchi was his mechanic

He is the first consecutive World Champion in the GP3 and GP2 Series

Ever since the GP3 Series was launched 2010, no other racer has been able to win consecutive seasons both GP3 and GP2 championships. He became a G3 champion after a fierce battle with teammate Alexander Alborn after resigning in the last and decisive races.

GP2 Series Champion Becomes First Attempt

Leclerc won the GP2 Championship in a dominant way and became the first racer after Nick Hulkenberg in the season 2009 who succeeded in this first attempt. He ended the season with 72 points of priority over the closest pursuer, and the championship was it was already three races before the end.

Charles Leclerc is