Former Ferrari Formula One World Champion Jody Scheckter is excited about racing new Scuderie star Charles Leclerc, comparing him to Roger Federer.

Charles Leclerc brought Ferrari his first home race victory of the year after ******* when he celebrated Fernando Alonso in Monza. Monacan also won his second race in a row, and his performances also impressed Jody Scheckter, who became the Formula One World Champion with Ferrari of the Year 1979.

Scheckter, who drove a few laps in Monza with his Ferrari 312 T4 race car, told RaceFans.net about Leclerc:

“He is a truly remarkable racer who sees himself as Roger Federer of Formula 1. I hope he will achieve such results in the future. Interestingly, Leclerc is the first racer I truly admire. He is a nice and calm guy with exceptional talent. I think he will accomplish great things in the future. ”

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