(Motorsport-Total.com) – Not even a year ago, the dream of Formula 1 for Alexander Albon seemed to have exploded. He had signed a contract with Nissan in Formula E and resigned himself to start his career as a professional racer rather off the premier class really. Until suddenly Toro Rosso opened a door

Alexander Albon, Helmut Marko


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Just over half a year later he sits in the at least third best car of the formula 1. A career boost, which a 23 – year old must first take away , Especially since Albon was not sensitively prepared for his new tasks, as he reveals in the interview with the podcast 'Beyond the Grid' , Especially due to the shorthand nature of Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko.

“I do not know if he deliberately gives himself so cool or is he really that cold,” smiles Albon when he talks about his boss. “Even in the conversation I had with him when he told me I was a Formula One driver, I took the phone off and said, 'Okay, what's your situation, can you do this and that? Can you be here tomorrow? '”

” That was Monday morning in Abu Dhabi, and I was lucky I was still around, because normally I would fly back on Sunday night, I think the first one What I asked was, 'May I test?' He just said, 'No.' I said, 'Okay, okay, can I come and see it all?' So he said: 'Yes.'

By the time the cat was out of the bag and Albon knew he was now officially Formula One driver, it would take “maybe a minute, that's it.” But: “As a driver, you may not even know the exact background, the important thing is that you are called up and now is your chance to prove yourself.”

(****************************************************************) Why Red Bull replaced Gasly with Albon (**************************************************************) At first glance, the decision to replace Pierre Gasly with Alexander Albon is surprising. But Red Bull is pursuing a clear pla Formula 1 videos

When Red Bull decided in August to bring Albon over to Red Bull instead of Pierre Gasly of Toro Rosso, the telephone rings again for the young Thai. He would like to fly to Christian Horner in Milton Keynes. There was still no talk of a chance of promotion: “It was just a very general conversation.”

“Where I live, what I intend to do, whether I'm staying in the UK or moving to Monaco Such things, “Albon recalls, laughing as he says,” I live with mom and dad, that's my life, definitely not rock'n'roll! “

Alexander Albon, Helmut Marko Decisive conversation on the Schlossberg in Graz , The meeting took place in Graz, where Marko am Schlossberg has his office, from which he overlooks the city. Here and in Fuschl, in Dietrich Mateschitz, the big Red Bull decisions for Formula 1 fall – and not in Milton Keynes.

Albon recalls: “The conversation was just like him We talked about how my year goes like this. ” A promotion indicated “nothing”. “And then, at the very end, he says, 'Oh yeah, and by the way, you're going for Red Bull Racing now, we'll see you in Spa on Wednesday.' You're just baffled! “

” It all came out of nowhere, Dr. Marko is very hard to read, at least I think, “explains Albon and starts laughing again,” I recognize not always the same whether he makes a joke or not, he definitely has a funny side to it! “

That Marko is not a guy who hugs his drivers and builds them lovingly, is known. But Albon thinks that the Austrian is misjudged by many: “I think he understands drivers better than people trust him, he just does not show it, he's a racer – but a tough racer!”

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