(Motorsport-Total.com) – Karun Chandhok, an expert on British pay-TV broadcaster 'Sky', embarrassed the Giovinazzi family on Monza weekend. Because Chandhok claimed on Air , Antonio Giovinazzi's father had told him during a hot-lap at the passenger seat of Renntaxis that his son's contract with Alfa Romeo for 2020 is already fixed and only has to be officially announced.

Antonio Giovinazzi


Antonio Giovinazzi will probably also 2020 drive for Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Zoom Download

Giovinazzi jun. is puzzled by this statement: “Frankly, I do not know how Karun spoke to my father, because my father does not speak English!” What initially led to many Internet users making fun of Chandhok and imputing him with a living imagination.

Chandhok explains: “I speak Italian,” he says in an interview. Sky's clear. “I asked him if Antonio would continue next year and he said, 'Yes, he looks like he'll stay with Alfa.'”

With a grin, the former Formula 1-driver from India: “I put some pressure on him, we just got out of the Ascari chicane, and he was already a bit white in the face …”

Anyway: Giovinazzi jun. has scored two points after his blackout at Spa in Monza and proved to Alfa Romeo team boss Frederic Vasseur that he can rely on when the conditions are right. Therefore he is confident to be allowed to stay for then nobody can take away my cockpit for next year “, says Giovinazzi.

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