After awarding three penalty points from Monza race stewards, Sebastian Vettel is only three points further away from being banned from entering one race. Nico Rosberg in his latest vlog joked, that he is available if Vettel received a penalty or left Maranella early.

While Leclerc celebrated a huge victory in Monza, Vettel lost even points after a serious mistake. After the race, Nico Rosberg admitted that he did not even understand what was happening with the four-time world champion.

“To me, Vettel is a big secret. I don’t understand what’s going on with him. He is a four-time world champion and one of the best racers in the world, and then makes such a beginner mistake. It is almost unbelievable that he is even threatened with the ban of one race. If that really happens or Sebastian decides to retire, I’m available. “

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  1. Rosberg is a fool if he thinks he could make a come back. He scraped a championship by the skin of his teeth only because he was in the very best car at the time, and Lewis had some bad luck that year or was told to back off to let someone else have a chance. Rosberg knew that another year would have seen Hamilton humiliate him just to prove the point, so he got out while he was ahead. He quite simply doesn’t have the class, or the ability that Hamilton has.
    If he did join Ferrari he would be a step back wards in their attempt at ressurrection of the Team. Leclerc is very good, and with more reliable team and team mate, he will be a World Champion one day.