(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren remain in fourth place in the Formula One Constructors' Championship after the Monza Grand Prix. Despite the brilliant comeback in the season (***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Focus on development. Therefore, the focus could soon be on the car for the year (**********************************************************************************)

Lando Norris, Max Verstappen


McLaren holds onto his plan despite the success 2020 fixed Zoom Download

After McLaren in Hungary had brought twelve points, there was a setback in Spa and Monza. In the past two races, the team has just collected one point. Although the advantage over Renault has become smaller, McLaren does not want to be pressured. Nevertheless, the traditional team will do their utmost to secure fourth place in the championship.

“Of course we want to fight for fourth place as long as possible,” says Seidl combatively. “At the same time, it is more important to me that we are taking the next step with the car next year, and I do not want to compromise on next year, by suddenly putting the focus back on the current season, we have a plan for this year in the drawer, and also for next year. “

According to Seidl it is in the season 2020 still provide updates for the current model to be introduced in the next three races. However, the team boss speaks of “smaller evolutions” and not of large packages that serve to shake off the competition. He also believes that soon the car for the season When that will be, but is not fixed yet.

Monza ran “as expected”


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McLaren has reckoned with the strong pace of Renault in Monza, why the team was not surprised by the performance of the French. McLaren, on the other hand, was struggling with downforce: “We saw in Spa and here that we are struggling with little downforce,” says Seidl. “Of course, it's disappointing to leave Monza with just one point while Renault scores so well.”

To stand up to the competition, all drivers were equipped with the “C-spec in the car” that is the latest update level. According to Seidl, this version works “well,” as both performance and durability have been improved somewhat.

His conclusion is, “I do not think we're slowing down, we focus Of course, the last two races after the good run before the summer break were a setback and that's what this sport is all about. “

Norris ready for battle

Lando Norris


Lando Norris, Max Verstappen

Lando Norris expects fierce battle for fourth place

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Lando Norris finished in tenth place in Monza. The fact that fourth place in the team classification is not a self-runner, the British had been clear before the setbacks in Spa and Monza: “We always knew how good the Renault pace is.We have seen because of the data we get how strong they are. “

He adds,” That's why we can not rest or leave points, we have to try to develop and improve the car, and so do we! There have been some improvements here and there this weekend, but the track was more like Renault and I hope we'll be closer to Singapore again. “

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