(Motorsport-Total.com) – “Do not drive on the track, wait!” Something similar could have been a warning to Sebastian Vettel, if the Formula 1 driver from the Ferrari team at the Italian Grand Prix 220496 in Monza would have had a so-called spotter. But there is no such thing in Formula 1. Vettel himself decided how he drove back to the track after his spin – and it came to the accident.

Sebastian Vettel

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No view to the left, it's already cracking: Vettel and Stroll in the Italian Grand Prix Zoom


After the crash, it hailed a lot Criticism of the four-time world champion Vettel. The race organizers also came out on top and imposed the second-strongest penalty with a ten-second stop-and-go penalty, only the disqualification would have exceeded this sanction.

Here are Vettel's Driver colleagues agree: Actually, Vettel alone had no chance to assort themselves right after the spin in the race. This is due to the conditions in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car.

Cockpit wall and HANS disturb view says Pierre Gasly


Using the example of STR Very good to see by Pierre Gasly: ​​the cockpit wall

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Lance Stroll, who drove Vettel into the car during this scene, thinks it is “impossible with these cars” to cast a glance aside. He himself felt the same way when he wanted to continue his own spin. “I had no right view,” says Stroll.

“At the time, I just wanted to get back into the race and you can not do anything else with these cars right now It's more of a guessing game. “

Similarly, Vettel himself describes the incident. He had “nothing at all” on his left side, according to the German. Vettel explains: “This is due to the high cockpit limitation, but it is certainly not an option to remove this protection.”

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If he takes on three more in the next three races, he must suspend a race. More Formula 1 Videos (*********************************************************)

during his spin when looking back towards Lesmo curves recognized. Namely, “that there was a certain gap,” as Vettel describes it. “But then you do not start counting, I knew there were cars, but I thought I could get back into the race sooner, but it took longer than expected.”

(*********************************************************************************************************. Only: What is the solution for future incidents of this kind? Which brings us back to the initial question: would spotters help? So observers and guides in personal union. Gasly says: “Yes, exactly!”

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* They are, to a certain extent, a talking all-round view, which the drivers do not have out of the tight cockpits.

However, there are already people in each Formula 1 team who are their drivers track the route meticulously. Gasly sees these people as their duty and says: “Of course you want to race as fast as possible [wieder weiterkommen] in the race, but maybe the engineer [eingreifen und] has to say: 'Stop!'”

Another solution does not come to him “on the fly,” Gasly continues. Except: “Not to turn at all!”

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