Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul, who revealed that the French manufacturer will devote a lot of resources to the development of its racing academy in the future, wants the first young racer to get a chance at the wheel of a French car for years 2021. Given that Esteban Ocon recently joined the team, this would mean that Daniel Ricciardo should say goodbye to Renault.

The Renault team confirmed before the Belgium race that it will replace Nice Hulkenberg in the F1 season 2020 Mercedes test driver Esteban Ocon, while Nico Hulkenberg will have to find a new employer.

Ocon will thus join forces with Daniel Ricciard, who has a contract with Renault for the coming season.

Team boss Cyril Abiteboul has revealed that the French manufacturer has been seeking 2021 a chance to offer a member of his racing team academy.

“We have been investing a lot in our racing academy and hope to have it for years 2021 get a racer from our school. This will be a change in the philosophy of our team, which is now much more mature than it was a few years ago. Next year, we will have in our ranks a young Ocon, one of the greatest talents of the current generation of racers. ”

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