Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto is not convinced that a race squad made up of Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen would be best for the Maranell team as he would find it extremely difficult to control.

According to many, Leclerc and Verstappen belong to the group of the most talented racers in Formula One history, and both have won two races so far this season.

Verstappen, who has a contract signed with Red Bull for next season, would not mind if he and Leclerc compete for the same team in the future, while Ferrari boss Binotto points out that the Leclerc – Verstappen duo would be very difficult to control.

“I grew up in the time of Michael Schumacher, who used to race with Barrichell and Massa at Ferrari. Even now we need a top racer and someone who can win races and score points, just like Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes. Having two racers of this caliber could be difficult for the team, as it would be very difficult to control. ”

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