(Motorsport-Total.com) – With Charles Leclerc, Ferrari has one of the most promising young talents in the top team. After his first two victories in Formula 1, the Monegasse floats on an Italian euphoria. The – (year old) lets the Tifosi hope again. And for this reason, the racing team is currently not interested in other hot iron, such as Max Verstappen.

Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen


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The Dutchman is considered a talent of the century and a Red Bull figurehead. With Mercedes, the (***********************************************************************************************************************************! “I think we should have a great number 1 driver and one who can win races and score points,” says Mattia Binotto in the 'Gazzetta dello Sport'.

Something like at Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, comparing the Ferrari team boss. If you put Verstappen alongside Leclerc in the second Ferrari, it would be over with the harmony in the team abruptly. “That would bring difficulties for the team management.”

Leclerc the “future of Formula 1 and Ferrari”

Therefore, he rejects the idea that the Red Bull driver could drive in the future for the Reds. Ferrari is fully on the map Leclerc. Binotto explains this with a comparison: “I climbed in the time of Michael Schumacher when he had Rubens Barrichello or Felipe Massa next to him.”

That worked very well after all. Bitter, however: In Binottos bill Sebastian Vettel would be only Leclercs water carrier. In the internal duel against the Germans, he got through the triumphs upwind. Suddenly, the polite Monegasse seems to find itself in the No. 1 role.

“It represents the future of Formula 1 and Ferrari,” underlines FIA President Jean Todt at 'Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen car image motorsport 'this impression. Leclerc is mentally extremely strong and has what it takes to become a “great champion”, the Frenchman is convinced. He also remembers the glorious Schumacher Days: “He has the same natural way of leading a team as Michael Schumacher did once.”

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Many observers and experts believe there is an epic duel between the shooting star from Maranello and the Red Bull high-flyer. The fans already got a foretaste of the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg when Leclerc and Verstappen were dueling for the win.

But until the World Cup duel for the young savages, it's Lewis Hamilton continues to be at the top the measure of all things. The (******************************************************************************************) ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Driver pairing Hamilton / Verstappen Ex-Formula 1 Zampano Bernie Ecclestone finds this a pity. In an interview with ' / Verstappen quite imagine.

To the question, on which of the two exceptional artists his choice would fall, the 34 – yearlings: “These are two different riders, two completely different types – and they also win their races in different ways.”

That's why he has a choice as well heavy. He suggests, “We could really compare the two in the same car, so I wish that.” Until the end

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