(Motorsport-Total.com) – The climate crisis has also reached Formula One. In times of “Fridays for Future”, the Formula One leadership is responding to the accusation that the royal class is a climate offender par excellence. Chase Carey points out that the new generation of hybrid engines make a major contribution to reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

Chase Carey


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At Frankfurt Motor Show IAA Carey, Formula 1 boss and CEO, took the floor. He said that the

Formula 1 would like to invest significantly more in climate protection measures in the coming months . In doing so, the sport wants to be a role model in the fight against rising greenhouse gas emissions.

“The hybrid engine of Formula One is the most efficient engine in the world,” said Carey in the discussion hosted by Facebook has been. This engine plays a crucial role in addressing global environmental issues. The US manager also believes that many targeted measures are needed in the fight against global warming.

“I estimate that the electric drive is now on everyone's lips, but I think that it is only It will be part of a solution because there are difficulties with disposing of the batteries that need to be dealt with “, argued the Formula 1 boss.

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In his opinion, especially the hybrid Motor and synthetic fuels a pioneering role in the Kli playing madebatte. He also pointed out that Formula 1 has always been a pioneer in motorsport, whose technology was later put on the road.

More measures will be addressed in the coming months to address sustainability more to focus on. “We will take further action, including on our off-track events to counteract the climate crisis, and this will be a great initiative.”

“We look forward to playing a leading role,” notes “Formula 1 has always been a leader in initiatives that were later implemented in the world of automobiles.”

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